Friday, May 30, 2008

Happy Friday!!

I got to SCRAP yesterday!! My girl stayed home with a fever! So we hung out! :) These are some photos I took the night before~ she was so not feeling well~ BUT she still smiled for me! I loved her new nighty we got her! I had to get a photo of her in it!! hee hee!! :)

THANKS for all the comments on this-

You can find the set at shabbymissjenndesigns, or some other FUN ones! Kimmie told me about this site, and I LOVE it!
I have wanted to do my bloggie different and fancy so I LOVE the different sets you can get, NOW to figure out how to get the wallpaper behind it!! hee hee!!!

Gonna be really busy getting ready for moms party over the next couple weeks! PLUS the end of the year is coming, field trips, partys!! FUN stuff!!! So there will be no scrappy time for me! I sooo just want to hide in my room and PLAY ~ SIGH! maybe June 18th I can! LOL!!

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!! Thanks for stopping by!!!


  1. THANKS for sharing the link about the header. I have to check that out! I love your cute Amanda layout, SOOOO happy you got some time to scrap! Good luck with the busy weeks ahead, Beth. xoxoxo-

  2. love the new blog header!! I have been wanting one for months- but no clue how to do it! I hope you do find some time to scrap!!! talk to you soon- Happy Weekend!!

  3. oh Amanda...hope you are feeling better, sweetie!! just think, school is almost out :)

    You look super cute, even when you are sick ;)

  4. love the new blog look beth!i soooooooo miss u!ss she not feeling good she too cute.tfs

  5. That is such a gorgeous layout of Amanda! Sorry you won't get much scrapping time, but think of all the great photos you'll have for scrapping after the party!

  6. I love the header too. So beautiful. I'll have to figure out how to do that one of these days. I love the LO too. Too cute!!


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