Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Foodie Share! and 2 Drinks! :)

Happy SUNNY Tuesday!! :) I have a little (ok sorta BIG) foodie and drink share for ya! Been saving them to do them all at once!! :) That is your WARNING..it is a BIG post! LOL!! so Ignore the little I said earlier! :)

Today the kiddos and I made these for snack.. NO none for me! I am being a good girl.. concert in TWO and a half weeks.. shorts to fit in.. EEK! :) anyway.. they just went to the park with these, and some capri suns to share with their buddies!
Easy Peasy... 3 marshmallows on a stick.. dipped in melted choc. and rolled in sprinkles! FUN STUFF! :)

The next 2 I am gonna share I got from Michelles Blog.. She is one of the SUPER talented PTI girls I LOVE to stalk..(In the BEST/NICEST form of stalking that is!)

First up is this salad... YUM! I used corn that I roasted on the BBQ instead of frozen (I love to do that during the summer!) and added some garlic to the dressing!! It was YUMMY!! Next day left overs were topped with grilled chicken for my lunch! YUM-O!

and then I made THIS DRINK! YUMMY!! I did make it ADULT by using Smirnoff Lime Vodka.. oh my.. I could sit all day and drink them! Probably NOT to good for me to do that! LOL!!! I even bought a BIG mason jar to put mine in.. hoping to have some SUMMERTIME fun with friends on the deck!! :)

Lets do both drinks together... Amanda wanted this book Tiny Treats so she saved her $ and we ordered it... it has some CUTE FUN ideas... here is the first thing she made... A tiny shake... made with strawberry yogurt, whip cream, and powdered pink lemonade- I gotta say it was GOOD (SURPRISINGLY!)... we all liked it.. BUT AMANDA.. hee hee.. go figure! :)

Next up is our dinner I made last week.. I LOVE summer when you can get such YUMMY fresh veggies... this is just something I made up.. I go to the Everett Farmers Market as often as I can.. and there is a stand Golden Glen Creamery that sells YUMMY homemade cheeses.. so many flavors.. this time I got Sun dried Tomato and basil... yummy.. so all I did was roast my veggies, grill some chicken.. toss it all with some WW penne pasta.. added the cheese which I had grated.. put in a bit of milk to smooth it all out.. YUM! Good left overs too! :)

Then I made this for a snack... YUMMY! It is called Roberts Corn Dip from one of my Gooseberry Patch Cookbooks... I think I should get to call it BETHS Corn Dip since I changed it up! :)

Here is the recipe as it was.... Best made up 1-2 days in advance (but was YUMMY the moment I made it! :) )
Robert's Corn Dip
3 11-oz. cans sweet corn & diced peppers, drained
7-oz. can chopped green chiles
6-oz. can chopped jalapeƱos, drained and liquid added to taste
1/2 c. green onion, chopped
1 c. mayonnaise
1 c. sour cream
1 t. pepper
1/2 t. garlic powder
16-oz. pkg. shredded sharp Cheddar cheese
corn chips

Mix all ingredients except corn chips together and refrigerate. Serve with corn chips for scooping. Makes about 6 cups.

Here is what I did DIFFERENT!
3 grilled corn on the cobs
1/2 a roasted red pepper (on the BBQ..is how I made mine!)
NO jalapenos (No one likes them but me! LOL!)
1/4 cup red onion
1/2 can black beans..
Used fresh garlic instead of garlic powder!
Used lowfat mayo and S/C

This was sooooo GOOD! I made it up one day ahead of time... we ate it for 2 days and STILL had lots left over! LOL!!!

THANKS for stopping by and if you made it this far THANKS for reading the BIG OLE post!! I am gonna leave you with one photo.. hee hee! Amanda wanted me to take it.. and when your kids ASK for photos.. you TAKE THEM! :)

THANKS FUNNY GIRL!! My sweet model Amanda....
tonite is PTI release.. oh my... I am gonna be THERE!! I didnt spend a dime at the beach.. other then jam stuff.. just so I could order a few things tonite! YIPPPEE!!!
Thanks again for stopping by.. be back SOON with crafty stuff HONEST! :)


  1. This all looks so yummy!!!

  2. I've got one foot out the door! I'll be right over, especially for some of that corn dip. Add jalapenos to mine!! Awesome goodies, thanks for sharing!

  3. What a YUMMY post! You've got me motivated to try a new recipe... I got some great Mexican recipes from the Chivas soccer game a couple days ago. I'm going to try one this weekend!

  4. Oh Beth, everything looks sooo yummy! I HAVE to try that drink!!!!! With Lime Vodka, sounds delish!

    and I swear, is amanda about 15 years old now? She look soooo grown up! Love the marshmallows, i'll have to do that with the kiddies.

    See ya at PTI!!

  5. OH MY!! All this yummy food and drinks - I would get in my car and drive to Snohomish, but it too early for dinner :)

    Great pics - beautiful model!

    Have a great week!


  6. The recipe sounds delish! Thanks for sharing - definitely will have to try! Love all things corn!

  7. All of it looks yummy! Thanks for sharing, I'll be right over.

  8. Looks yummy! It's making me hungry.

  9. Everything looks so delicious. Can't wait for summer. I'm freezing here in SA and you're all having fun in the sun.

  10. Those drinks look yummy and then I clicked on the link and got lost in Michelle's awesome blog!


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