Saturday, March 21, 2009


OHHHH I am so HAPPY! and NO it isnt because I have the house to myself... because having the house to myself means I need to be cleaning.. ha ha! while Steve and the kiddos are out shoppen... (for my bday gift sigh... 41 soon! BOO!) ANYWAY... I did a little shoppen today!! I got us KENNY CHESNEY tickets!!!! WAHOOOO Wanna see where I got them... Looky....

On the FLOOR BABY!!! Never ever have we sat there before.. I am over the moon.. just LOOK where C is!!!!!!

Can you BELIEVE it! Smack in the CENTER! So it is 41 rows back.. It is on the FLOOR! NOW to get into those CUTE summer shorts and tank... I got what...4 and a half months! That sorta makes me sad summer will almost be over 4 months.. hmmm ANYWAY!! KENNY!! It is gonna be a GREAT show.... we have been to one other of his at the Stadium.. this time he is playing with Lady Antabellum... so cant WAIT for them... Miranda Lambert, Montgomery Gentry , Sugarland, and KENNY! We have seen Kenny and Montgomery Gentry... so the others are new for us.. Ok I will stop now! SORRY I am just sooooo EXCITED!!!! :)

Ok lets see what else do I have for ya! Oh I did a FUN swap at SD4U and Easter Egg Swap.. how cute is that! I cant show what is in my eggs yet.. the girls gotta be surprised, but here is a photo of them ready to go.. before mailing of course! :)

and finally here is a little basket I made.. I just winged the patter.. I realized the other day how EASY that would be.. so I cut my square and scored all around the edges at equal distances.. 4 cuts on the 2 opposite sides and VIOLA! a box or rather basket!! :)

I just love that little bunny I got those last year or year before.. they are plastic EGG choc. bunnies.. I LOVE easter! HA HA!!
So that is about all I have today! We are off to the auction tonite.. mom is gonna come watch the kiddos! then tomorrow friends coming down for the day.. Next week half days of school for the kiddos.. and I gotta turn a year older! (BOO!) and then the following week VACATION!! Gonna be a fun full couple weeks for us... OH and dont forget the PTI blog hop on the 25th! I sure wont... Now to figure out what I am gonna make!!! :)
Ok I am off to do some sit ups! ha ha!! Ok I gotta clean before my mommy gets here!
Have a GREAT weekend!!
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  1. adorable projects!!!....I can tell you are very excited about your concert, too!!! lol... I know you will have a fabulous time! :)

  2. YEAH about the concert Beth!!! That is so cool - you are going to be so close - woot woot!!

    And oh I do love that basket you made!!!

    xo Amy

  3. LOVE LOVE the basket Beth!!! I wish I could see what was in those eggs, LOL! And Yeah about your concert, you will have so much fun!!

  4. whoa..going to see kewl is that! that's awesome chickie..and love your lil easter projects ~ how adorable

  5. Those are amazing seats Beth and what a great concert line up! Cute Easter projects too!

  6. I am so jealous!!!! Sounds like you all are going to have a great time at the concert! Cute, cute, cute basket!!

  7. Oh, that's SO cute!
    I need to do a swap like that.. very cute! I need to get my butt back on the boards I belong to.. Just too busy and too sick lately.
    Love your basket and congrats on your tickets!! I love me some Kenny!!!

  8. So jealous!!! I love Kenny! Also your basket is way cute.


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