Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A little share, and some FUN news! :)

Happy Wednesday! WOWY I have been a blogging girl this week... ok so 4 in a week that is GOOD for me.. considering I think the whole month of Feb. I did 9... and I am at 4 here for this week.. maybe I will break a record for myself! LOL!! (Ok that isnt the FUN news... you gotta wait for that... just til the end! :) ) See how SNEAKY I am!!!

Ok lets get to the shares.... My sweet Amanda and I are in LOVE with Enchanted Lily! you can find her here at Pink Cat Studio... along with TONS of other cutie pie stamps... I sooo LOVE Tweet too!! :) ( I gotta shop after this! LOL!!!- Seriously! :) ) And you know what else I LOVE about them... Melissa is FABULOUS!! :) Gets back to emails... FAST shipping! LOVE that... LOVE IT!! :)

So I promised Amanda to share her card...Well the other Lily card she made... She made the one in the post below on the gift bag for my niece! But she made this one for her friend this week.. just sat down and whipped it out.. I think she did a GREAT job! :)

Here are a couple things I did with her! :)

I cant STOP using the color combo.. pink, green, and yellow! Last week one of my scrappy sites asked if you had a go to color combo.. I really dont.. or didnt think I did... now that is all I seem to be using on my cards anyway! LOL!! :) I guess I am READY for spring!!

Here is one more little goodie I made.. it holds a snack pack of M & Ms perfectly or a gift card! :) or both! (I know I tried it! :) )

Side view.. YUM M & Ms.. I wont eat them.. I HOPE! :) I promised them to Amanda.. and she gets the little bag too! :) She was excited.. I told her it was for my good friend.. she said WHO.. I showed her the name on the front and she was EXCITED it was HER! :)
ok side view.. sorry you know I LOVE to talk! :)

For this all I did was cut 2 of my largest scallop rectangle nestabilities.. stamped lily colored, stickled, and chalked around her.. for inside I made a match box style CS frame glued a small clear bag to that.. the bag is inside the match box frame.. that way it can stand up on its own... I hope that all made sense! :)

Ok so now for the FUN NEWS... spring break is 18 days away, and in 20 days.. we are going to board an airplane for..... I dont know!! Steve booked the trip last night and the kids and I are gonna be SURPRISED!! YEAH! and I cant wait... if I hear before we leave I will tell you.. if not.. I will show photos and share when we get home.. I KNOW it is gonna be sunny.. yikes let the DOUBLE workouts begin... shorts and a swimsuit in 20 days! :)

Thanks for stopping by!! Have a GREAT day!!


  1. WOW!! You and Amanda have made some gorgeous projects, well done!! Thanks so much for sharing!

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  3. Okay...lame me again with that deleted post. SoRRY!!!

    Love those fairy stamps!! Amanda is doing such a great job, that is the cutest card she made. And I love yours and that border punch you used. Is it new? And that cute ribbon bow. So cute!! I love the little treat idea, I might have to make a few of those for the kids lunchboxes.

    And I can't wait to hear where you are going!

  4. Such fun cards Beth! What a super dh to surprise you with a trip! Can't wait to find out where you're going!


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