Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy Sunday!

What a BLOGGER I have been! 3 posts this week! hee hee!!!

Today we had such a FUN FUN day! We met Larry,Kimmie, and Buggy at the pumpkin patch today!! It was a new one for us all! It was called.....Hunters Christmas Trees! BUT it is also a SUPER CUTE pumpkin patch before that! (and hey I did find some FAB. trees... hmmmm...) it was decorated so fun and festive.... I couldnt stop taking photos!! :) I am so excited to get them printed and scrapped up!! I am going to share a few.. or 20 in the slide show!!

Trying a new style slideshow.. what do you think??!! I thought it was kind of cool.. probably shows the photos slower... but it looked fun! A little variety is good right! LOL!!

Tomorrow the kiddos have no school!! YEAH!!! We are going to some friends tomorrow for a playdate!! I hope to get some creative time in this week! I have some projects to finish up!!!

Off to get dinner served! Thanks for stopping by! Have a GREAT night!!


  1. Hi Bethie!!

    Thanks to you guys for meeting up with us! What a GREAT day! I loved the Patch - great choice! I love that slide show! Can't wait to scrap my photos as well! Have a great week!!! Loves!

  2. awesome fun pics beth i love all of them and it look like you guys had major fun..tfs

  3. LOVE the new slide show style! Makes me wish I was at the pumpkin patch right now!!! thanks for sharing the great pics, Beth!!

  4. The slide show is great! And I love the layouts from the last post! So... how was Bunco? I just joined the neighborhood Bunco group last summer and November is my month to host. If you have any tips, pass them on!


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