Thursday, October 02, 2008

Happy October!

I cant BELIEVE it is OCTOBER already!! Time is just flying by!!!! We have had such BEAUTIFUL weather the last couple weeks.. almost summer weather! LOL!! I love those days when the sun is out and it is cool, and crispy... ok so it has been more warm then crispy! BUT it is still lovely and I LOVE to see all the colors changing... dont tell the kids this but a PHOTO SHOOT is coming in their very NEAR future... shhhhh!! LOL!!! :)

We had a SUPER fun weekend last weekend!!! It started with the wedding friday FUN.... and did I say FUN!!! :) It was BEAUTIFUL! they got married at the Villa out on the deck overlooking the water at about 5pm.. it was so pretty! (I have photos but need to get it ok'd to share them... I think she will say yes but you know I dont want to just ASSUME!!! they are in Hawaii so I will know next week! OK on with the show! ) then on to the reception we went.. to eat and dance the night away... or at least until 10pm.. which is dancing the night away for my kids! :) I do have some photos of us! at the Villa, me and Allybug (we do this all the time..take photos and show her! hee hee!, the kids and Allybug (thanks Mom I believe took the 3 kiddos photos!)! and one of the cake.. that cake was sooo GOOD!!! I love their topper if you look close you can see the bride dragging the groom! LOL!!!

After that FUN filled night.. we met Steves parents, brother and SIL, and kids for breakfast.. then home... where we got to watch ALLYBUG! YEAH!!! Larry and Kimmie (if you have time peek at the CUTE fall decoration she shared.. I gotta make that! :) )went to the Husky game... so we got to entertain buggy! or shall I say she entertained US! She is so darn cute, and oh my on the GOOOOOO!!!!!! hee hee! that was my workout.. bug running! We had fun... we played outside, played the Wii...BOOGIE! Notice the photo of her with the cookie and the Mike! OH YEAH.. ROCK ON GIRL!! the photo of all three of them is Justin singing to Brick House (that is her moms dance song! so she was dancing!) and Amanda moving the controls... the next photos of sunday when we were looking for a recipe for cookies..she wanted to look too... the first is her looking the second is her when she realized Auntie was taking photos! HA HA!!
It was a GREAT weekend!!! THANKS for the FUN!!! I decided to do these photos in slide form too~ that way they arent all messed up from my writing... I worry about these things! HA HA!!!

Now I have some laundry and errands to do!! Thanks for stopping by!! Have a GREAT rest of your week!! (hoping for some MORE sun here... yikes we want to pick apples on friday!!!)
Bye bye!!!


  1. LOVE your family pics from the wedding, Beth!!! Looks like fun and the cake is beautiful, too. And that pic of your Buggy with the cookie and microphone is priceless!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. beth AWESOME pics and the cake with the groom being drag is too funny but yummy!your niece is soooooooo cute like the rest of your familys TFS..diva

  3. Aww, the kiddos look great and you guys are ALWAYS doing something!! Busy busy bee!! Miss you much, girl!


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