Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Monday!

Happy SUNNY Monday!! (ok for us it is sunny!!)

Had such a FUN weekend!! Have LOTS to share today too!! So consider that a warning! Better get a drink and cozy on in.. your gonna be sitting a bit! HA HA!! :)
Gonna start with some LOs I got finished up to earn my Crop Charm are Moments2Remember
This one is from my photo shoot in the leaves a couple weeks ago!!! I didnt put to much on this one I wanted it to be all about the photos! IRL there is lots of inking on the edges I dont think you can see it in the scan! :)

and then there is this one of my sweeties and sweetie pie niece!! It is so cute the kids are ALWAYS hugging each other and giving out kisses when we get to see Buggy!! These are from our cousins wedding last month!!!

Remember my SIL Kimmie shared some CUTE buckets she made! I LOVED that idea.. bought the buckets and didnt do them! SIGH!! BUT I did make up this cutie pie one for my mom yesterday.. NOW if I had more time I would have put some glitter around its face.. this I thought of as I looked at the photo today! But I really like how it turned out.. I tied all that ribbon while driving the hour to her city yesterday! It really only took 30 minutes of that time! I think I have found a new place to create... in the car! HA HA!!! Filled it up with some treats and TA DA! a fun Halloween goodie!! I am going to get some more buckets done this week!! :) I better hurry! HA HA!!!

Saturday we carved our pumpkins! Now if you all know anything about my kids and hubby this is THEIR THING! They go all out! Me I wing it, take 20 minutes then take LOTS of photos! We stared carving a bit before 4pm.. and Steve finished at 8pm! We did take a dinner break but still! I cant help the kids.. because according to Amanda last year.. that isnt my thing.. it is dads.. so he helps them.. then works on his.. I cant WAIT to share the photos in a LO of him working on it! :) anyway.. I did up this quick digi kit AGAIN using the kit from Just So Scrappy (Side note I see she has a new kit.. I gotta get that one too! LOL!! I am so addicted!! if only I knew what I was really doing! LOL!!)
Ok on with this show.. here are the pumpkins finished! :)

Also on saturday we went to the festival of pumpkins down in Snohomish.. it was near Amandas soccer game (YEAH they won!) and we have never been so I asked Steve if we could stop.. from the sounds of it ~ it really sounded BIG.. um NO! but it was cute, and the kids had fun... they had a pet and owner costume show.. we didnt stay for it, but I did get this photo... they dressed up their Llamas... It was the funniest thing....

Now isnt that to FUNNY!! hee hee!!!

Ok I am almost done! If you have made it this far THANK YOU!!! :)
Tonite we are going to be busy at the Johnson house making campaign posters.. Our Justin is gonna RUN for class president! How COOL is that!!! I am so PROUD of him win or lose!!! So I must get busy and head to Micheals for some supplies hee hee!!!
They are on half days all this week so I really need to get my stuff done EARLY..
But FIRST I must peek at Pioneer Women Cooks my buddy Mel says she has some YUMMY stuff today!! She is sharing LOTS of good Thanksgiving recipes.. I may have to redo my whole menu! LOL!!
Have a GREAT day! and THANKS for stopping by, and getting all the way to the end of this LONG post! :)


  1. I LOVE this one beth!great pics and awesome lo WOW queen of 2 pagers and pics..still LOL at that pet llamas too freaking funny and the pumpkins look awesome we need to go find some.tfs

  2. What a fun post!!! I SO LOVED everything!!! Sounds like good times at the Johnson household! The Llamas were stinkin hiLARRYous! OK, got to run!

  3. OMG that llama is hilarious!!!!!!! Love your leaf layout of your kiddies, so precious. And your pumpkins are awesome! We finally got ours and are going to carve this week. Thanks for sharing Beth. Oh and....JUSTIN FOR PRESIDENT!!!


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