Friday, February 15, 2008

Red Velvet LOVE! :)

YUMMY! We made red velvet cake for the 2nd year in a row! (it is now a tradition offically! LOL!) I couldnt find my 4 small heart pans?? I only found 1! HMMM I wonder if my helpers played with them, and left them somewhere, when you find spoons and Tupperware bowls in the garage it is a high possibility here at our house! :) ANYWAY! this year my mom gave me the CUTEST little mini heart cake pans (cupcake size!) so I used those, and my mini muffin pan, plus the one heart pan I found! It worked perfect! We have LOTS left over and I ate less! All of that is a GOOD thing! :)
After dinner and red velvet, we watched a movie! It was a FUN night!! I got LOTS and I mean LOTS of photos! Just sharing a few in the above slide show! I cant wait to get them all printed up and scrapped!!! :) I have some FABO. Valentine papers I bought.. now just to DECIDE which ones to use! That is the good thing about being YEARS behind.. I have plenty of photos to use them for! :)

The kiddos are on mid-winter break! YEAH ~ there is gonna be no hustle and bustle to get out the door on time for the next 4 days! I love that!!! I even got to sleep in til 8am today! Which is GOOD for me! :)

So do you have webkinz in your house?? I have a confession to make... I am ADDICTED to the cash cow games! I play everyday....:) Justin wants a webkinz... so then I will have to play for both kids... hee hee! :) Today Amanda came down and wanted the computer, UM NO! this is moms time and I need to play MY game before she goes on! that is soooo BAD!!!! :) but it is just to fun to stop! LOL!!! I hope they have that game in VEGAS when we go in April!! :) I will kick ASH at it!!! HA HA!!!!

Well that is all I got! HAPPY FRIDAY!!! It is supposed to be fairly decent weather this weekend here in WA. state... in the 50s WARM for this time of year! :), I hope it is I feel like a PICNIC..... :)
Thanks for stopping by~ have a GREAT weekend!!!!!!


  1. LOVE the photos of the cupcakes!!! Thanks for sharing the recipe, it was a hit at our house too! Have a great Friday!!

  2. Yummy cake! I want some too lol! Seems like you guys have had a fun Valentine's week. By the way, your hybrid card and LO both ROCK!!! We are on winter break in the coming week - I am really hoping to get some serious scrapping done.

  3. I made red velvet cup cakes this month too, for my husband's birthday. I used a cake mix...I'm so NOT a baker! Your's looks yummy!


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