Friday, March 17, 2006


I am sooo HAPPY it is friday!! I am ready for the weekend!! Didnt get as much done as I hoped this week around the house! but I got lots of scrappen done!!! and a couple cards! :) You can view them here

they are taken using the digital camera so they arent very clear, like when I scan! But you get the basic idea!!!! I am so excited to have so many done from our trip! only about 10 more layouts and the trip will be SCRAPPED!! Then only 3 previous disney trips to scrap! LOL!! I am so behind! But the FUN I am having trying to catch up!

Tonite my guys are getting their pinewood derby car weighted in! Justin is very excited! It is soooo COOL ~ I will share photos tomorrow!! I hope he does WELL in the race!

That is about it for now! Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

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