Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Where does the time GO??

I cant believe it is wed. already! We have been so busy this week!! The pinewood derby went really well, Justin was so happy he finished 3rd in his group, and got to go to the finals.. I have photos to share but have yet to resize them to do that! Hopefully this weekend!! We have to get his science fair project finished up by tomorrow!!!! then I think we are going to slow down a bit! I hope so anyway!
I got to do some scrapbooking on sunday!!! I am going to share those if the blog lets me! I cant get them uploaded on our family blog! So I am giving it a try here!!!!

So lets see if this works!!!! Ok it is working here! YEAH!! A couple more to share!!!

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  1. Bethie!

    The pictures are fabulous as usual! You always do such a great job. Allyson is too cute!

    So great to hear from you and will be keeping my eye on your blog site.



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