Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My New Adventure!

Sooooo today I started my new FOOD JOURNEY!! I saw an article on Tosca Reno in Oxygen magazine and had to have her book! I got it 2 days ago and have made 3 things and LOVE it all so far!!! :)
Can I say I will do this 100% ~ YES/NO I am not sure! BUT I can say I am going to give it 110% ~ because the big 40 is coming..... to SOON and I dont want to look or feel like this ANYMORE! :) So Eat Clean here I come!!!! :)

Here is her blog link! She has a DVD coming out too~ I am ADDICTED to workout DVDs so I will have to own that too!!!! :)

Eat Clean Blog

Have a GREAT day~ THANKS for stopping by!!!!

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  1. Is that a cookbook you were referring to? Good luck with the changes, just be sure you make them slowly. Change can be tough!! Love the blog, Beth!!


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