Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hannah Montana! the novel post!! :) and photos!

HANNAH MONTANA-AHHHHHHHHHH :) That is what it sounded like at the concert last night, thousands and THOUSANDS of screaming fans! 90% girls! LOL!! it was a GREAT fun night for Amanda and I!

As I was getting off the highway I got right behind a friend at a red lite! So I called her up said LOOK behind you! :) We ended up all going to dinner before the concert~ that was fun! couldnt have worked any better if it was planned way ahead of time! :)

We walked around the fountain area after dinner.. and Amanda posed for some photos! By the fountain, by Miley/Hannahs party bus, and with Miley grandma! She was so excited to meet her grandma! That was the photo she wanted to show to Steve and Justin right away!!!

The concert was FUN!! She puts on a good show, lots of lights, I LOVE how she entered in that pink box! The Jonas brothers came out first, then Hannah, then the Jonas brothers sang with Hannah, THEN Hannah changed back to Miley, so just the Jonas brothers, THEN out came Miley! The show started about 7pm, and was to end about 9:15pm but Amanda wanted to go at 9pm! Fine with me since I had to drive in the traffic I wanted to get OUT easy!!! (if Steve drives I am fine to stay til the end! LOL!) So off we went home, with the program, a blinkie, and a t-shirt plus a Jonas brother key chain for Justin and TONS of good memories!!

The CRAZIES part.. was the t-shirt sales, I waited when we got there, then went looking for a shorter line.. no luck... SO when the Jonas brothers came on I ran up, still had to wait 15 minutes, then my seat neighbor (Pam) went up right before Hannah preformed to get her daughter one, and she missed 4 songs by Hannah, when we left during Miley there was still a wait of 20+ people~ CRAZY I tell ya! and you know what is the WORST of it, when people get to the front and they do this..... OH I dont know which I want, can I see that one, oh and that one, HELLOOOO you have waited over 40+ minutes I heard people say... KNOW WHAT YOU WANT and get out of LINE! LOL!! I walked up paid and left!! Take notes people!!! HA HA!!!

It really was a FUN night! I shared some of the 75 photos I took in the slide show above!!!!
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  1. Great photos Beth!!!!!! You girls look like it was so much fun, thanks for sharing your memories! Love it!!!!!!!


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