Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday Fun! :)

Happy Tuesday!! It is a BIG day in the Johnson house!! THIS BOY.....

Is having his 6th grade recognition program today (graduation to me! LOL!) last year of grade school.. WHERE did the time go.... He is excited and nervous.. and looking forward to BIG ADVENTURES! (not to big I hope! LOL!!)

His program is at 1pm today.. I got to help alot with it.. last night we decorated.. it is a Cruise theme.. so inside the gym is like your on a cruise ship.. so gonna get LOTS of photos today!! :) Then after school gonna have a little BBQ here for him AND to celebrate my moms birthday!!


Tomorrow is the Justins classes big PARTY.. bowling then a picnic.. should be fun.. AND the weather is supposed to hold!
A mom donated some candy for prizes.. I didnt think you should let 88 kids have a free for all of 530 pieces of candy! So I did the up in little bags and used my PTI star stamp, and circle punch.. just stapled them closed.. they arent super fancy.. BUT when you have 88 to do.. not enough time for fancy.. besides the kiddos wont care.. they will want what is inside! HA HA!!

Here is a close up of 1...

and here are all EIGHTY EIGHT! :) so glad they are finished!! :)

and FINALLY!! here are the 2 cards Amanda and I made for Justin today... He liked them both! :)
Again used my star prints set from PTI... CS, Ribbon, Button and Ink (except black that is stazon) all PTI

THANKS for stopping by.... and letting me SHARE... hoping I dont CRY like a baby today! LOL!!! Will get lots of photos.. um that is a warning for ya! :)

Have a GREAT day!


  1. Congrats to him.

    That is why you have been so busy that you didn't come over to M2R to sign up for a drawing to win some crocheted flowers that were given away but the sweetest lady on earth.

  2. BethieJ, What a cutie pie. From this Johnson household to your Johnson household. Congratulations to the big guy.
    Your little gift packs are adorable.

  3. Congrats to your son! I can't wait to see the pictures.

  4. Great stuff!!! I can't believe you had the patience to do 88 of those!!

  5. He is one handsome little guy, you'd better start beating off the girls now! Crying is all right, that's what moms do!

  6. I have a 6th grade boy, too, so I understand...Great work on all the projects. Those candy bags look so great all lined up like that. I also love the star card you made--beautiful.

  7. Congrats to Justin! He looks so grown up in that photo, what a great photo!!

    I loooove the treat bags you made, they look great. And the cards are great, Amanda's is awesome!

    Hope you have a great school celebration and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your mom!!!

  8. Ahh, congrats to your little guy...they grow up way to fast! Love your card:)

  9. Congrats! :) The gift packs are too cute!

  10. What a handsome young man! You have been busy... I hope that at least some of the kids didn't throw your wonderful tags right into the trash, {eye roll}

  11. What a BIG achievement! Are you ready for Middle School? Yes, that is the mom question. hahaha Congratulations Justin!!!

  12. Very cute cards and favors. Congrats on grad. 6th grade, they grow up way to fast!:(

  13. 88!? Someone should of made something for YOU saying WAY TO GO! You are Super Mom! :) Your son is so cute.. Congratulations!

  14. Congrats to your son!! Your party favors are so cute! Hope you have fun out on the boat and don't get too soggy! *wink*

  15. 88 favors! You deserve a medal girl! Congrats on the grad and he's going to be a heart breaker!

  16. what a handsome guy! and love that shirt ~ kewl design on it

    and whoa...scrumptious goodies chickie! and happy be-lated b-day to your mom


  17. AWWWW!! Congrats, Justin! We are so proud of you!! And WOW, those look awesome, Beth! I always complain of making 40 sets of anything for the kids' classes, but 88...that's awesome!! You are rockin' the PTI!!


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