Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Favs....

YIPPEEE Summer vacation has officially started!!!.... AND it RAINED most of the day! GO FIGURE!!!! :) But it is nice to have no routine for awhile!!!

Justins last few days of grade school went well... he is happy, sad , excited and nervous all at the same time for next year!!!

Amanda is about the same she loved her class AGAIN this year.. she has had some GREAT classes there.. we have been lucky.. GREAT GREAT teachers for the kiddos!

Ok on to Friday Favs..

#1- ROSES! These are blooming in my yard!!! :)

Not to bad for a rose that was half dead before Steve got it planted for me! My grandparents gave me this about 5 years ago for Mothers Day.. I LOVE the color!!!

#2- STRAWBERRIES! These are growing in our garden! YUM! Already picked a bowl full and had strawberry shortcake! YUMMY!

#3- WINE FRIDAY!! (the boat! :) ) Taking her out this weekend for our first trip.. so cant wait... HOPE the rain stays away!!!

#4- UPS.. need I say more! LOL!! Love when they stop by the house and bring a box to me!! :)

#5- The 3rd Friday of the Month.. BUNKO.. and that means Moms night out!! SO EXCITED!!! Gotta share these FAVS.. wrap Steves dads day gift.. and get ready to go!!

There they are for the week! Been a BAD blogger this week.. we were so busy.. hoping to get lots more creative stuff done for ME.. and will share this week...
Have a GREAT weekend! Happy Fathers Day!
THANKS for stopping by!


  1. Happy Father's day, Steve! Welcome summer!
    That boat looks like it is going to be great fun this summer! Is that rose call First Prize? I have that one in my yard and I love it! So did the nice UPS man bring your PTI? Hehehe... I'm so sad that mine won't be here until next Tuesday.

    Thanks for sharing your favorites of the week! Have a fun weekend!

  2. Looks like you have had a good week. Wow a boat... how totally cool, looks like fun. UPS hasnt visited me yet, and now I have to wait until I get back from being out of town for a week. sigh.

  3. OMgosh! I love the name of your boat! And your favs are awesome too! And when "Brown" stops at your house it has to be a good day!

  4. hehehe...I'm right there with you on the UPS man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Beth,

    The rose is beautiful!!
    The strawberry shortcake was soooo yummy :)Nothing is better than home grown berries.
    Glad you were able to get out on the boat this weekend. Looks like more sunshine for the PNW.


  6. fabulous pics chickie ~ so great to see *the life of beth*! tfs!


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