Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Friday!! and my Friday Favs!

Happy SUNNY Friday! Oh my... so much SUNSHINE here in our little corner of WA. state.. whatever is a girl to do! :) Take out the boat... sigh.. soon very soon!! ANYWAY.. if we have no rain sat. or sunday we break a record of the longest dry spell for May and June.. so I have been told! :) It is just PREFECT for me... Mid 70s... the house is in the 70s.. ahh.. if only I could see the Ocean it would be PERFECT! Ok it is pretty darn near perfect with out the ocean.. but..... hee hee! Hey a girl can dream..

Ok on with the favorites.. in no particular order here they come for this week!!

HEY Zoa I got that blinky..see it over there.. is there a blog or site for this.. I just loved seeing yours so I BORROWED the idea... just curious.. :)

Ok here we go..

#1- COPICS... need I say more.. these are FABULOUS.... Cant wait to REALLY REALLY get good with them... :) Have a few blogs bookmarked..and youtube videos to watch showing them! :)

#2- PTI sneak peeks on Nicoles Blog (cant WAIT for the 15th.. when they are available!)


#4- Broccoli Salad! LOVE this salad.. there are lots of ways to make it! Today mine has Broccoli,Yellow Peppers, Red Onion, Almonds, Bacon, Grapes.. Dressing- Sea Salt with Garlic, Pepper, Mayo, Ap. Cider Vinegar, and Sugar! Cant wait for dinner! :)

#5- Fancy Pants Stamps!! LOVE these Summer Soiree ones!! :) They will be mine next week!! Come on mail! LOL!!

There they are for the week! :)

Tonite we are off to Amandas bridging from Brownies to Girl Scouts.. sigh.. my girl is growing up!! It is at a park we have never been to... so cant wait to check it out!! Then having a potluck afterwards! Tomorrow off to wild waves! Sunday errands, and PHOTOS being printed.. I havent had any printed since BEFORE our trip in April.. I know I KNOW.. I used to go in once a week.. I am SURE they miss me! :) Steve is gonna get the boat finished and READY to take out the following weekend! YEAH!!

THANKS for stopping by! Have a GREAT weekend!!!


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend coming up!


  2. Love your favorites! You inspired me... I posted mine!

  3. Okay, my mouth is watering over that broccoli salad! And I, too cannot wait for the 15th!! :) Thanks for sharing, this was a fun read!

  4. Fun favs this week!

  5. WooHoo Wine Friday made this list!!!!! Love that!

    And I love the PTI sneaks as well. They sure know how to suck us in every month, don't they!! LOL!!

  6. HI Bethie! You will want to go check out my blog;)

  7. Please post your broccoli salad recipe! :) It looks marvelous!

  8. whoa..that salad looks scrumptious ~ great pics chickie


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