Monday, June 29, 2009

Rock & Roll 1/2 Marathon Share!

Happy Monday!! Well I SURVIVED the R & R 1/2 Marathon on saturday!! I had a goal of 3:45:00.. about mile 6 I figured I was on pace to hit the 3:30:00 mark.. so a new goal was set... and off I went.. I finished in 3:29:57 minutes! WAHOOO!!

We left about 4am to head down to catch the bus to the start line.. good thing we did.. buses were backed WAY UP.. and one got there minutes before the race.. we saw people running to start...

The race was going for one hour before we got to the start line.. we were in the last corral.. had a GREAT time... so glad I did it.. gonna do it next year.. with a GROUP of people.. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! :)

Other then having sore feet.. and hips! I felt GREAT.. I went to bed EARLY saturday and by sunday I was fine.. ready to go again?!! OK maybe not.. but was very HAPPY with myself!!

Got to go to lunch with Larry, Kimmie and Buggy afterwards to Bahama Breeze (YUM!) then home for a nap.. LOL!!

YES I did take my camera on the walk.. and NO I wasnt the only one.. :) I am sharing about 20ish photos.. I took about 50! HA HA!! :) I put them in a slide show for ya.. THANKS for stopping by and taking a look!!!

thanks for stopping by!! I have more to share this week before we head out!!


  1. Awesome photos Beth and congrats on finishing! Looks like you had some fun along the way!

  2. Well done. That is awesome.

  3. Way to go Beth. Those pictures are great and I am so proud of you.

  4. How exciting, Beth! I'm SO proud of you!!!

  5. Get out of town! You ran a half marathon! I can run half a block! :) Good for you.

  6. Wow Beth! That is amazing!!!! WTG! And btw I love your stawberry basket below! I just got back from vacation and am trying to catch up.

  7. So awesome! I can't believe you ran so far!!!! Yaaaay!

  8. You took some great photos Beth! YAHOO! Congrats on your great showing!

  9. YIPPPEEEE!! You are awesome, Beth...totally rockin'! I'm so proud of you and what a great feeling to finish the marathon. GREAT inspiration!!


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