Saturday, May 30, 2009


of my FAVORITE times of the year has ARRIVED!!! :)
FARMERS MARKET TIME! LOVE it!! I wish we had them year round.. BUT we dont! the first one opened 2 weeks ago, and last thursday the kiddos and I were able to get down to it! (our favorite.. ok one of my favorites... opens next sunday!! :) ) ANYWAY.... I love going to them.. the weather was BEAUTIFUL...and I got flowers.. what more could a girl ask for!! :)
I decided this year I am going to take photos over the season.. and scrap 'em... Thought I would share a few with you if that is ok! I have a card to share too~ BUT I forgot to get if off the card.. so next time.. Since I have to be FAST... we are getting THREE new tress today in our back yard.. (more photos to come! :) )

Ok here we go.. photo fun....

My FAVORITE spot....

Justins FAVORITE spot...

Amandas FAVORITE!.. (Justin likes this too! LOL!)

Veggies! :) and GARLIC! YUM!

BEST $14 I ever spend!! How can you NOT get flowers here.... :)

Ok I am off to get some photos of Amanda and her SISTERS... hee hee! and watch for our new TREES!!!
Have a GREAT day.. and a WONDERFUL weekend.. we are expecting SUN all weekend.. YIPPPEEE... be back soon...................THANKS for stopping by!


  1. Wow, those flowers are beautiful!!! And your weather looks gorgeous, could you send some to us??? It's cold and gloomy here!! Our closest farmer's market just opened too, we need to start going again!

    Hope you're having a great weekend and have FUN planting those trees!

  2. I love the Farmers Market too! Ours is year round but I really love it in the summer! Cherry season right now, we were just there today.

  3. Beth, what a wonderful day at the market! I spent the day cleaning the garage with Bobby :( Next weekend we will do the Farmer's market for sure.
    Enjoy the sun!


  4. WOW, great farmers market. I wish ours was that nice.

  5. Love our Farmer's Market too and the flowers are beautiful! You should scrap this! I did a page last year of all the fruits and veggies on the stands!


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