Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Tuesday..

Wow can we see a trend with the titles.. first monday, now tuesday.. can I go for 3 in a row tomorrow?!! LOL!!!

First off THANKS for your sweet comments on the below post, and the wrapping paper my dear family made for me for moms day.. That was so sweet of you all! AHHH I love love! LOL!! :)

So today I have some MORE stuff to share.. then I MUST finish up my project for Justins party... 2 hours of work left.. BUT after all the hours I have spent cutting and gluing.. that is nothing! All I have to say is GOD BLESS MY CRICUT!! I wouldnt have done this otherwise!! :) I will share when I can what I am making.. well I can tell you! I had to make 90 life preservers... for part of their decorations.. Justin wants to be surprised.. so I have to do it when he isnt here! BUT today is the final day of work! YEAH!! then I can PLAY and do other challenges!! :)

Ok lets see 1st off I saw this info on Jennifer McGuires Blog
Amanda and I will be playing along! and Probably Justin too... he LOVES anything Military... and it is for such a good cause!

Now on to some shares!! You all know I have a very VERY BAD ADDICTION to anything ANYTHING Papertrey Ink so last week on the boards there was a discussion about DMC floss.. yeah.. I had to get some! AND I LOVE to sew on my cards/layouts.. so I went out and got some thread.. and I found some FUN Shabby Chic fabric I had to get too.. and those Dies are from some card ideas Nicole shared! I am telling you at this rate I am gonna need a PTI room for just their stuff! HA HA!!
Here is a little photo of the goodness I got from Jo-Anns! :)

Now from the above photo I used some of the thread I got ~ it matches the Raspberry Fizz paper!! YUMMY!! This is our second challenge for our Blog Group! Michele was our hostess.. her challenge was to use a stamp set we havent used.. well the funny thing is I bought this anniversary set from MICHELE herself! hee hee! She had an extra and I didnt find PTI in time to earn it! I was so excited to get it.. then there it sat! Well with all those STARS shared yesterday.. I was seeing them... and couldnt wait for that set.. so I opened up and inked the star I do have! YEAH!
Here is my card.. done in Raspberry Fizz, and Hibiscus Burst!! and some white.. Michele do I get to count it as a monochromatic combo! :)

Ok I know I KNOW I am long winded! If you made it here~ THANKS for visiting!! I try not to TALK to much.. but it never fails.. it is a NOVEL of a post! :)
I am off to get my stuff done..
have a GREAT day! Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. That's an adorable card Beth! I love star cards... so easy to use for both boys and girls, hehehe!

  2. Beautiful card! LOVE the stitching and the stars!!! I need to get my challenge going for our PTI group!

  3. Oh how fun! Love the texture you added with the embossing and stitching!

  4. Very cute! Great job on the challenge!

  5. I love all your cards, Beth!

  6. WOW! What a super card!!! I love those colors.

  7. love the card! super cute!! :)

  8. Definitely counts as monochromatic! I love the way it looks... i am too lazy to stitch on paper but it always looks so amazing when others do it. Nice job!

  9. So cute and simple yet deliciously embellished! Awesome!


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