Friday, May 22, 2009

Blog hop TOMORROW!

3 Posts in TWO days.. are you tired of me yet! LOL!!!

Isnt that CUTE!! LOOKY do you see ME in the top row.. Bethie!! to FUN! this blog hop is tomorrow.. I am so EXCITED all the blog hoppers are listed in the sign!.. I am waiting on my new PTI order to arrive TODAY.. gonna use my stamps! Amanda and I are gonna each make a card for it! IT is this site Cards For Heroes.. what a GREAT cause... I am hoping to work on the 25+1 next week! :)

Ok gotta get busy lots to do yet today! and the kiddos are out at 1pm.... THANKS for stopping by and visiting.. lots to share the last couple days.. and I will have more to share tomorrow.. oh then monday is PTI's Blog Hop! FUN STUFF!
Have a GREAT day!


  1. I never get sick of too many posts...thanks for getting the word out!!

  2. I cant wait to hop by and see what you do. I made something but I dont like it. Maybe I can get something else together before tomorrow night.

  3. My PTI stamps came today! I've gotta get busy if I want to get my layout done by Monday!

    I love the cupcake card in the last post... you and Mara have me CRAVING cupcakes!!!


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