Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Monday!!

Happy wet soggy monday! (if your me anyway! LOL!! Where is that sunshine!) I hope you all had a GREAT weekend, and wonderful Mothers Day!! I sure did!!!

I wanted to share something my SWEET family did for me.. I LOVED it more then the gift.. I wish I could frame it.. I think I will gently cut it apart and put it in my scrap book.. I want to save it FOREVER! :)

I have a few photos of it... Steve came up with the idea to make the wrapping paper using things about me.. it touched my heart.. looky all the fun things they know I LOVE!!
NOW first off just so you know that thing that looks sorta like a gun.. is my treadmill! :) hee hee!!!

NOW that PURPLE drawing.. it is a MICROPHONE people! LOL!! ... a Wii Microphone.. this is my rockstar drawings side! HA HA!!!

One more photo.. THANKS for making it this far if you did!! These are the cards the kiddos made me.. YES there are 4, and YES I do only have 2 kids.. Amanda made me 3! HA HA!! The one with us on the cover.. she made at school.. her teacher said write something specific you love about your mom.. not just that she is great.. Um Amanda wrote she loved I took her to the American Girl Doll Store and spent $200 on her.. Oh I about died laughing... so much for keeping that our secret.. I gotta train her better.... somethings you just dont let boys know! :) And that cute heart card.. the heart is 3D and pops right up on the front.. I am a PROUD mom! :)

Oh and before I forget... THIS is what I am gonna use my moms day gift cert on.. well part of it! I ADORE this stamp set.. so cant wait for the 15th!! (9pm our time on the 14th! WAHOOOO!)
Have a GREAT day! Thanks for stopping by.. must run my errands.. and come home to finish the 90 life savers/ preservers for Justins party next month!! wish me luck! LOL!!!


  1. Oh what fabulous gifts bethie! Such creative kids!

  2. Oh so cool! Hope you had a great mother's day!

  3. Awe.. that is just SO precious! I can't wait til Caleb can draw me pictures!

  4. Anonymous4:34 PM

    way cool!

  5. Oh, my, you have got to hang on to these!!! They are great!!! (thanks also for the added explanations. ;))

  6. I loved it when my son would make me something unexpected like that! Too cute!

  7. Beth,

    LOVE the wrapping paper and cards!!! What an AWESOME son-in-law I have :)
    And those grandchildren are PRECIOUS!! Of course my daughter is totally special too :) Glad you had such a wonderful Mother's day - you deserve it ALL!

  8. well that is just RAWKIN KEWL seeing homemade gift like that! what a treasure. glad you had an awesome mother's day!


  9. OMG Beth, that is absolutely fabulous!! I love the wrapping paper and thanks for the *hint* about the treadmill!! Hee hee... I saw Sunday Night Trashy TV on there, LOVE that!!!! So glad you had a great mother's day!!

  10. Your kiddos are so sweet and thoughtful. You have certainly raised them well!! Kuddos to you, Mom!! You deserve the best...HUGS to you and your sweet family!


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