Monday, May 04, 2009

Before, During, After and the Doors! :)

Happy MONDAY!!! :) Why do weekends go TOOO FAST??!!!

I have some shares for ya!! 1st off lets do this one!! I get Splitcoast Stampers newsletters.. I LOVE them all GREAT ideas.. they also put in links for things you may have missed! Well I did MISS it! and so glad they sent THIS link! I had to make them... so off to the grocery store we go.. WELLLL now a days all the snack size pull top cans are PLASTIC.. they had the med.. and larger sizes.. dang I didnt want to buy them. well guess what they wouldnt leave my mind.. so back I go! :) and I am so glad we did! Made these cuties up for Staff Appreciation Week at the school! Amandas teacher couldnt figure out how the tab stayed in tact! hee hee! I told her! Wouldnt it be FUN to do a big ole can of pineapple as a gag gift.. not even decorate it.. just fill it, and wrap it!! :) ANYWAY! On with the show!



During (the filling!)

The Afters! :) I was so pleased with them! Must make 1 more!! :)

I am sure you will all be SHOCKED to hear (or rather see!).. 99% of supplies... PTI! I am ADDICTED to their stuff! and YEAH a box arrives TODAY! (at least I HOPE it does!)
Now the doors! This is Justins teachers door! It was a music theme! Steve had the ipod idea! and worked with me for TWO HOURS on it to get it done for yesterday! What a GUY! (I will be using his ideas more often! LOL!!) The papers around it are Thank You notes from the kiddos!

and I have to share Amandas door! (she would be sad! ) and my friend Angela did a FAB. job on it too! so bright and cheery!! Once these doors are done.. our duties of room parents are so easy! HA HA! they drive you CRAZY.. but once they are up it so FUN to see them... and the kids love to see them.. as I HOPE the teachers/staff do too!

That is all I have.. I am BUSY BUSY this week with stuff still to make! I PROMISE to be back to my regularly scheduled life HOPEFULLY next week.. I miss all my visits to the scrappy sites.. and so many challenges I want to PLAY but cant!!
I am off.. creating one more can.. and THANK YOUS... sigh.. behind as always!
THANKS for stopping by! Have a GREAT day!


  1. Aren't those cans fun to make??? I've made them for my kids too. The doors look great. Love the IPOD idea.

  2. Beth,
    You are so awsome! & way talented!
    I'm so glad you are my friend. I love the doors & the cans are way cool! Thanks for the therapy this morning & I'm looking forward to many more!
    Take care & I'll see ya in the am... weather permitting!

  3. LOVE those little cans. yours turned out wonderful.

  4. Those cans are so far beyond me . . . great job with them! They look so cute and what a nice thing for the teacher.

  5. Cans are so cute. I've seen this idea explained but have never tried it. The teachers and your children are lucky to have you.

  6. You so just inspired me to try this!!

  7. I've forgotten about those cans! They turned out so cute! And what a great idea for the doors.

  8. Oh so cool! Love the little cans - I'm gonna have to try this one day! :-D And the doors are awesome!

  9. I'll have to check these out. Yours sure look wonderful! Fun stuff!!

  10. Those little cans are fantastic Beth!!!! I love the colors you used. And the doors turned out GREAT!!!!!!!!!! I love the ipod door, very creative of you and Steve!!

  11. Your can idea is so cool! Love it

  12. girl..those lil cans are the custest! i love em! and that door is so kewl! i love seeing your creations..what an inspiration!



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