Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Ok it is still SNOWING here... what is UP with.. I dont want snow.. until next Dec.. isnt anyone LISTENING! LOL!!! :)

So today I am gonna share some food! YUMMO!! and a card (that I thought I shared!!)

Lets get started first off I made this for my lunch with my friend Holly it was YUMMY!! and then we had it for dinner! :) Lets just say if your gonna visit their Blog and get some recipes you wont be DIETING that day! HA HA!! Oh my.. but sometimes that is ok.. the name of the blog makes me LAUGH!!! Smokin, Chokin, and Chowing with the King! :) Thanks Mel for the blog link!

Then last weekend I made THIS yummy (NOT on my diet EITHER!!!) burger for dinner! Got this recipe from The Pioneer Women It was soooo GOOD!! Now you see that PLAIN burger.. that was my PICKY girls burger.. the rest of us LOVED them.. YEP even Steve and Justin ate blue cheese.. trust me with the carmalized in BROWN SUGAR onions.. it is DELISH!! :)

Now the Onion Rings are from my Hungry Girl cookbook! They are on my diet! LOL!! I used fiber one for the coating.. NOW they werent like Red Robin Onion Rings (which I can make too! ;) ) BUT they were a good enough replacement to get my over a craving! :) Now that I LOVE!! Amanda not so fond of them... she couldnt pick off the coating and eat only that!! hee hee!!

Well now that you have seen a TREND.. TOTAL no diet eating! I need to CHANGE that! GRRRRR I want to wear those shorts this summer that are just gathering dust... so no more of that stuff.. OK I know that isnt true.. but only once in awhile AND after I have worked out!! :)

Now this little share is from a challenge at Moments 2 Remember that my friend Mara issued last month to use a transparency on a LO or card! This is for my auntie.. she doesnt see this blog so I am safe to share it! and HELLOOOO I am done early.. her birthday is the end of the month!! :) NOW to be sure I mail it in time!!

If you have made it this far THANKS for reading... I hope I didnt make you to hungry!! I had better go check Amanda she has a friend over and they had a ValenTINY party with their American Girl Dolls.. it was to CUTE!! :) I will share some photos as soon as I get permission to share photos of her friend.. and if not.. I will just show you Amanda and the FOOD! :)
Have a GREAT rest of the week... and PLEASE no more SNOW! :)


  1. You food is making me hungry Beth!! Everything looks delicious, can't wait for you to invite us over! I'll bring the martinis, you can cook!

    And you know I just adore that card!!! Awesome job.

  2. the food looks so stinkin' yummy! I bet those burgers are amazing and Kenny would have had his plain too, LOL. What a darling little card too. I love doing the transparency thing with them.
    xo, Jen

  3. You're making me hungry! lol! Love the card Beth!

  4. oh....that food looks GOOD! I have the recipe for the burger here on my counter (from PW) and I am dying to make them!

  5. YUMMY beth i get super hungry just looking at your blog and you KNOW i love yopur clear card it BEAUTIFUL!!i try the buger too yum YUMMY

  6. Yummy, yummy! I love your food posts. I always get some great recipes from you (after you've tested them, hehehe). The card is darling! I'm really loving cupcakes this year!

  7. YUMMY food photos (now I'm starving - LOL!!) & I ADORE your card!!!

  8. WOW!!! EVERYTHING looks delish!!! The card is totally adorable! Great job!!!

  9. I am drooling now as I your read your blog! Love that card.

  10. you are making me HUNGRY Beth! I ADORE that card you made too-- gorgeous!!!! Hope you are having a great week! :)


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