Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cards Cards.. and well...

Ok only 2 cards to share!! :) But I wanted a catchy title ya know!! ha ha!!!

So I have spent the last 2 days creating.. for the Blog Hop at Papertrey Ink which is TOMORROW! Oh I cant wait!! 5pm pacific, 8pm eastern I am sooo gonna be there.. I cant wait to see what everyone creates!! It will be my first one and I cant stop talking about it.. which you have all probably NOTICED! LOL!! :)

So I do have a point to all this! I figured out you can have ONE thing on your bloggy.. or at least I think it is only 1.. I have a few more! SOOOO in order to not get in trouble on my first one! :) I am gonna share a couple cards I made today and save my other goodie for TOMORROW!!!

So first up! Over at the Cuttlebug Challenges Blog they challenged to use your embossing folders with acetate! HELLOOOO never thought of doing that..so I did that on this card.. and I LOVE how it turned out! I have a few more made.. well embossed not made into cards... I inked the sides and it sorta ran under it but I think it adds character... that is what I tell myself so I dont think I need to redo it! LOL!! the stamps.. and paper are from YEP you guessed it Papertrey Ink! (on a side note my OTHER new order arrives tomorrow.. and GASP I ordered AGAIN from them... I must stop! LOL!! or not! ;) )

and then I have this card to share.. I LOVE shape cards.... but they are hard for me to scan... insert the lovely Amanda as my hand model.. and how SWEET the pen all OVER her hands matched with the card... totally unplanned I tell ya! At least it works with it! :) Thanks for helping mommy out sweet girl! :)
AGAIN the paper, ribbon, ink stamp.. all Papertrey Ink!

That is all I have for today! I will be back tomorrow early evening to share my blog hop goodie!!
Thanks for stopping by! Have a GREAT day!! :)


  1. love your circle card! :)

  2. LOVE the circle card!! Very pretty colors (and great hand model!). And your other cuttlebug challenge card is really really cool. Love what you are doing with the Cuttlebug...I am thinking about getting one!

    Can't wait for the Blog Hop tomorrow!!! I'll bring the tequila!

  3. I love the embossing on acetate! What a great idea! I'm in the market for a die cutter... I'm thinking Big Kick...

  4. these are so pretty! love the embossed look. my friend just got me a fiskars embosser for Christmas. I was thinking of exchanging it, but your cards have inspired me!! yay!


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