Friday, February 06, 2009

Happy FRIDAY!!

My week FLEW by!!! :) Wowy!! So my update is again for the Biggest Scrap Loser over at SD4U I know all of these are 1 pagers, but I WILL be getting all my side 2s done when this contest is done.. the good news.. 5 more LOs finished.. 5 more will be finished.. well 4 at the moment! LOL! but 5 by the time the challenge is done!! :)

Soooo if this doesnt make me want to cry... sigh... my sweet girl.. almost 8 years ago... time FLEW... to fast for me!!!

I found this in my HUGE HUGE piles of unscrapped photos.. I have about 4 more from that day.. I need to see if I can get them fixed.. they are a bit fuzzy.. it was about 3 cameras ago! LOL!! :) I have my PSE.. I think I can.. right! Wish me luck! they are pretty cute.. I could still scrap them.. but would like her face a bit clearer in the others!!!

I need to go fix dinner.. or go get dinner! :)
Have a WONDERFUL weekend!!!


  1. Beth, your layout is great! But how could you miss with a photo like that... Isn't she the sweetest? I love that photo of Amanda! I'm going to have a few second pages to finish up myself after the contest is over, LOL!

  2. How sweet is that! They grow up way too fast! Good luck with your contest!

  3. What a sweet sweet photo, Beth! I just love it!!!

  4. Bethie, that is SOOOOOO sweet.. I love it! You need to get pubbed, girl. This is a fabulous LO.. You need to send it in!
    And Amanda was SO cute!

  5. And oh yeah.. I need your addy. Kelly Jo sent me a small RAK to pass on to you (and I'll add some stuff to it,, tee hee)
    Email me! :)

  6. what a sweet layout! awesome job, Beth!

  7. Oh my gosh look at cute little Amanda - she is adorable!! LOVE your page Beth!!!

    xo Amy

  8. awww...look at sweet amanda! It's so sad that time flies by so quickly. in the moment of their babiness, it's so stressful and you can't wait until they are old enough to do stuff. then they are old enough to do stuff and they don't need you as much :(

    beautiful work, girl! I love the bling baby!

  9. Hi Bethie,

    I am SOO sorry for being completly absent from your blog commenting! I have loved it all! Thanks so much for the site shares I now have them saved in my favorites and have been stalking them regularly. I just love the journaling on this layout so sweet and so loving. I hope that you all have been doing well. Miss you guys and talk to you later!

  10. I love this layout...great work!!

  11. I'm so glad you joined us over at SD4U! Your work is incredible and you have such a fun personality that comes through in your posts!

    Love this layout!!!


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