Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Thursday! :)

PHEW today was a WHIRLWIND kind of day for me! I am ready for bed and it is only 5:30pm! Just one of those busy busy days!! :) I had to get everything ready for the kiddos for their valentines parties today.. it was also grandparents day at the school.. so I was helping there for a bit.. then we snuck the kiddos out of school for lunch, Tutu joined us! then headed back to Bellingham! Me I headed for my errands and Valentine buying.. AFTER going to the PO to get cards in the mail! PHEW! The kiddos are out for midwinter break now! Tomorrow-Monday... what shall we do....:)

I have a few goodies to share!! this first one is something I did awhile ago.. thought I shared it.. guess I didnt!! I got the idea from here her blog is a must visit daily for me!! I used my bigshot die for this.. added some bling around the scallops, flowers and a tag!! Thanks to my owe so GREAT model for holding it for me!

We already ate the candy! HA HA!!!

Here is another cutie pie idea I got off my friend Maras blog she found the directions here I now have her CUTE blog bookmarked! LOL!!
Here is my take on them! These were for the kiddos teachers today! they were soo fast and easy.. considering I did 2 of them last night, and one this AM!! :)
Thanks for sharing the link Mara!

and FINALLY!! :) I have a new LOVE... Papertray Ink I LOVE that place.. I visit all their designers blogs.. I wont link them all but I will link you HERE which is Nicoles blog.. she has all the designers linked, and she has some FABULOUS ideas!
So here is what I did up for my mommy for Valentines day... Cupcake Bites from Bakerella (she has red velvet COOKIES up today... I gotta check them out!) ok sorry side tracked! :) anyway... I put some ribbon around the side of the tin (forgot photo!) filled it with the cupcake bites.. my mom LOVED them at Xmas.. and when your skinny arsh size 0 mom likes some sort of treat you make it AGAIN for her! :) The inside of these are choc. cake, van. frosting, cinnamon, choc. bits , and pecans.. Oh my they were good! :) then I stamped with my new stamps (papertray ink!) punched, punched some more, then tied it all with that yummy poppy red ribbon (papertray ink- yeah you get it I LOVE them!)

Now if you have made it this far with me! THANKS!!! I am off to make breakfast for dinner.. it just sounds YUMMY tonite... :)
have a GREAT night! THANKS for stopping by!


  1. LOVE your Valentine's tin! It is the perfect gift!

  2. Everything is adorable Bethie. I love the bags from Mara's site. I need to check out that blog!! Thanks for sharing have a good day!

  3. LOVE LOVE that tin and those bags turned out SO stinkin' cute! Your Valentine projects are awesome, Beth!!! Hope you had a fantastic Friday!

  4. sooo cute! love your projects, especially the ones filled with CANDY! lol...


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