Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Some food and valentines to share! :)

Happy Tuesday!! :)

Hope you all had a GREAT weekend!! We did!! and YEAH no snow or rain! WAHOOO just sunshine.. cold but sunny!! I will take it.. for now anyway ;) Come March I want WARM with that sun PLEASE!! :)

Ok so I have some FOOD shares with ya!! :) I made a knock off version of Macaroni Grills Pasta Milano all I can say is OH MY GOSH>>>> YUM!! NOW if your watching what your eating dont even CLICK that recipe! LOL! but it was Valentines Day and no diet that day!! :) Here is a link for the roasted garlic cream sauce it called for! I just noticed that had both on it! :) Here is what it looked like...

Oh my~ I want that again! LOL!! Maybe next Valentines Day or after working out 6 hours!! :)
For dessert we made the usual Red Velvet Cake! Last year my mom gave me the muffin size heart pans.. so that works perfect.. I get 12 mini hearts, and 12 mini cupcakes.. some for the freezer .. some for now! :)
Here is before! :)

and then of course after.. we have a tradition of each of us decorating our own.. so we did that before the movie!

Yeah they were good! :)

and finally I have a little valentine share! We LOVE to make valentines.. these are just a few the kids and I made for each other.. NOTICE on the kiddos the embossing... they are LOVING my bigshot.. and my cuttlebug embossing folders... LOL! They are embossing anything they can find! :)

That is about all I have for ya!! I am off to get some rice cooking for a salad I am making.. (Back on the clean eating after the above meal! LOL!!) and I need to get photos ready to print this week.. I have been sooo bad... and burn that CD.. all 800 photos! HA HA! Sorry Walmart! ;)
Have a GREAT day! Thanks for stopping by!!!


  1. Beth, your pasta looks delicious! And I love the heart shaped plate. SO fun that your kids love the Big Shot, their embossing looks great!!!

  2. your food looks GOOOD! :) I just don't know HOW you have the time for all of this!! You are GOOD!

  3. Beth, You have us hooked on red velvet cake. It's my daughter's favorite and she always asks for it!
    Your new embossing plates look like so much fun to play with. It's so nice that the kids get to play with you.
    Best Wishes to your family!

  4. yummy YUMMY beth and the kids are doing great on that new toy of your!!!awesome

  5. You always make things so fun! Soo..when do you plan on coming down here...and while you're at it, can you bring some of those red velvet cupcakes..YUM!! Gooo Martha!

    Your kiddos are too sweet! Happy Valentines day to my fav family in WA!

  6. all your food always looks so yummy!!! Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's day friend!!! Have a great weekend! :)

  7. Your Pasta looks devine and your little bitty cupcakes are adorable! I may have to try them both.

  8. So cute with the embossing plates! Trying to find people who have die cutting machines to enter a giveaway on my blog for a cutting die. Not many entries and it ends Friday. :)


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