Friday, November 07, 2008

Happy FRIDAY!!

Yeah it is FRIDAY! I LOVE Fridays... even RAINY ones like today!!! I am busy busy today gonna go to the school and help with Amandas class party for 3 hours! Today my Justin gives his speech and it is VOTING day at school! GO JUSTIN!! I would LOVE for him to win! But am oh so PROUD he is even running.. I can say this I never would have had the nerve to do that!! JUSTIN FOR PRESIDENT!!

So I had TONS Of photos printed and about 6 layouts sketched and I got ONE done! SIGH! BUT it is one in the books right!! Not 100% sure of it! But LOVED the photos so that is what counts right! hee hee!!

Gotta work on invites this weekend.. hoping to get a couple layouts done next week.. then I MUST clean for the big PARTY the following weekend!! :)

Ok I will leave you with this LO I did... have a GREAT day and a WONDERFUL weekend!

Thanks for stopping by!!!!
Ok gotta run..... enjoy your day....


  1. WOW beth you are the 2 pager queen it beautiful!i really hope he win too beth that would be so awesome got my finger cross!!take a minute for yourself today too...have major fun..TGIF

  2. Can I send in my absentee ballot so I can vote for Justin!!!!! You will have to let us know what happens.

    LOVE that Halloween LO. I can't wait to see more goodies from you!!

  3. Yep! I love the halloween photos, and the layout is great! Good luck to Justin! Let us know how the election comes out. I'm getting ready for my first hosting of Bunco... cleaning all weekend {yuck}

  4. awesome halloween layout! love that you got so many photos on this!


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