Wednesday, July 09, 2008

We are HOME!

We had such a FUN FUN time on our trip!!! I have lots of photos to share!! :) But here are just a few!

The Water Park was so FUN! Our room was really cute, the kiddos loved it their room was like a cave, with a TV in it! they loved laying in bed watching it after the water park! the LOVED the bunk beds.. I think ALL hotels need them! LOL!!!! We played there for about 6 hours our first day, and a little over an hour on the 2nd! (we had to leave for Longview that day!) The kids could have stayed a week (PLUS! LOL!) I LOVED the big bucket... they had a 10,000 gallon bucket that dumped over the whole structure about every 3 minutes... you can see Steve looking back at it in one of the photos!!!

Then after the water park we were off to Longview for the 4th! We went to chinese for lunch at our FAVORITE place!! Then over to the lake, for some FUN! Justin, Amanda and I got tattoos- we couldnt talk Steve into it! LOL!! Then after the lake off to Nancys for a BBQ, and some fire works! Then BACK to the lake for the BIG firework show! Off to the hotel, then up early to head to the BEACH!

WE had such a fun time!! The weather was ok... pretty windy! No rain that is what counts! Saturday we met Larry, Kimmie and Buggy for lunch and shoppen! Then that night we went out to where they were camping with some of the family and hung out for dinner, and a drink or 3 or 10! :) That was me Steve was driving he was a good boy!!! :) Sunday....hung out in Long Beach, went to the beach!!! Monday the boys went golfing and Amanda and I went to the beach! :) and had a picnic!! Tuesday MORE beach fun before going home! it was super foggy I couldnt get the one photo I wanted so I had to do it a bit different! :)

Then we went BACK to Longview for chinese lunch (hey I told you we LOVED that place!!! YUM YUM!!) then HOME..... NOW I get to do 100 loads of laundry and unpack!! :) I already want another vacation!

SO that is our week! Hope you had a GREAT 4th! Thanks for stopping by!!!! Off to my chores!! :)


  1. Wow Beth, wonderful pics. YOur kids are such ROCK STARS in their sunglasses!!!! And I loved the cave in your hotel, how flippin' cool is that?? We'll have to vacation together someday! That way Steve and Craig can be the drivers and we can just drink! He He HE!!! I loved all the photos, TFS!!

  2. beth WOW great pics and look like you guys had super fun and i must say you look FA-BU-LOUS!LOL..tfs

  3. I am so glad you are back!! I missed your smiling "posts" LOL!! OK so how did you get the water to move in your slideshow?????? I am looking at this and thinking -WOW! that water is moving!!! It looks & sounds like you guys had a blast!!! And I absolutely love that family pic of you guys on the beach! It is awesome- you should use that for your new avatar!! happy weekend!!

  4. I love those photos, expecially the one of your whole family on the beach. What a beautiful photo!
    The water park looks like a BLAST!!! I'm glad you had such a fun vacation! Welcome back!


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