Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!!!! What a GREAT weekend we had!!!! Friday I got to go to a Lemon Drops and Flip Flops party at my friend Traceys house! Then saturday we got a new car! (sorry NO photo yet.. This week I PROMISE!!) We got a 2006 Honda Accord, it is really nice, the kids love it.. Justin said it was TIGHT! I hope he thinks it is TIGHT in 7 years when he gets it , and Steve and I get the convertible 2 seater TIGHTER ride! HA HA!!!! :) Then Saturday night we did THIS....
Saw Montgomery Gentry

and TOBY KEITH!! in concert!!

What a GREAT show it was!! We saw Montgomery Gentry last year they just get the crowd PUMPED up.. they are great showmen!
We havent seen Toby in 5 years.. WOWY! what a SHOW!! He was so much FUN! Lots of fireworks, and shooting confetti! His stage was a HUGE Ford truck grill~ so COOL! The weather was GREAT.. we stopped by the casino before hand.. won a little bit and had a not so great dinner! BUT it was DATE night so that made it alright!!! THANKS Tutu for watching the kiddos!!!
Sunday we went to spend the day with our friends in Bellingham, it was FUN, drove the new car again, it drives really nice... I just feel so LOW after driving the Yukon!! Which I will still drive... but it will be nice to have the smaller car when we have lots of errands to do!!!
Today the kidlets and I are hanging out, I hope to get some SCRAP time in.. Oh I mean clean time in! :) (that was in case Steve is reading this! HA HA!!) and tonite our Justin will SUIT up for football... or at least meet his coach and get his gear... I need some wine now please... I KNOW he will love it.. but oh my BABY playing football!!! Ok gonna SMILE, be STRONG and take LOTS of photos! (I have some FUN paper to use for the layouts! :) hee hee!)

Time to make breakfast.. THANKS for stopping by! Have a GREAT week!!!


  1. It looks like a great concert. I haven't been to a concert in years! You are going to love your Accord. My mom and dad have one... it drives great, it's very reliable, and best yet... gets great gas mileage! Enjoy your new car!

  2. The concert looks awesome, Beth...even if it IS country music. LOL!!! So glad you had a great weekend, talk to you soon!

  3. BTW, that lemon drops and flip flops party sounds FUN!!!!!! :-)


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