Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy Friday and some stuff to share!!

Ok I have to admit I have a new addiction to The Pioneer Women Cooks! I cant stop finding YUMMY recipes on her site!! I shared this recipe in an earlier post.. I made it again.. and sharing a photo!!!

It is just seriously the BEST salad ever ever ever~ hee hee!! Steve likes it, Justin likes it.. and the BEST part is.. you just toss in whatever veggies you have, I totally adjusted the recipe to fit what we had... carrots, peppers, red onion, zucc., bean sprouts, and we add chicken!! Again for my dressing I used the sesame dressing from Trader Joes.. just to use it up, but I added some of her dressing stuff to just to jazz it up ~ and YUM!! It will be made all summer long here... and you see that platter... she always says put things on a platter that makes your heart pitter patter... that made me pitter patter last week at Kohls.. I had to buy it! I used some of my winnings from the slots before the concert.. I LOVED it.. and I LOVED the bowl... but I walked away from that $50 beauty! SIGH! I do have some control~! HA HA!!!
Ok there is my food share! Since our sun was hiding last week I did some scrappen!! Want to see! :) Some Beach, some 4th, and some FALL! (yeah I am BEHIND... way BEHIND.. 10 years but who is counting!!)

So I think that is about all I got for ya today!!! Have a WONDERFUL weekend, thanks for stopping by!!!!


  1. OMGosh Beth! I saw that platter, I was holding it, I loved it, I wanted it... I put it back... Now, I'm going back to get it, hehehe!

  2. I LOVE that salad! I've never eaten it, but it looks fantastic. I will have to make it!!!!! And cute platter, I'm going to have to go look for it now! Hee Hee Hee. I want to be just like you AND joni!!!


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