Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My day today!

So today was cloudy and not so summery here!! I spent my time in the kitchen!! :) Oh and a load of laundry! :)

This is what I made today!! :) Arent these the cutest!! I got the blog info from my friend Mara she has been baking lots of fun stuff lately and totally gotten me bitten by the baking bug! :)

These little cuties can be found at the Bakerella Blog Such CUTE ideas!!!
They took me about 3 hours to make, because for some reason I ONLY got ONE candy mold... I did that version... candy mold not using the cookie cutter... So next trip to Mikes I am gonna get 3 more! I am so gonna make these AGAIN! and AGAIN!!! Cant you see CUTE pumpkin faces on them for fall... and xmas ones... so FUN!! The kiddos helped me decorate them, and EAT them of course!

We also made MORE Jam!!! We got strawberrys from our yard and our neighbors.. had to get a few from the store.. still not up to the 4 cups so I tossed in my raspberries I had! So it turned into Strawberry Raspberry Jam... and it was YUMMY! :)

Then I have been on this homemade salsa kick! My cousin made it using canned tomato's and it was sooo GOOD! I usually make mine with fresh... well I still do have a fresh version but this one is just yummy!! I did actually use 2 tomatos I roasted on the BBQ in it, I like that~ we are having tacos tonite just so we can use it! YUM!! Dinner is a 6:30 if you want to join us! LOL!!

And finally I did this.. I didnt get to scrap but I got in my playroom, I made this little box to take over some of the cupcake bite treats to our neighbor! The kiddos watch their cat when they go out of town, they are just super nice, and she leaves goodies for the kiddos, so we took them some jam (strawberrys were from their garden too!) and the cupcake bites! Had to have a CUTE way to take them over! :)

I just love those boxes I soooo am gonna get a head start and make some for the holidays!! hee hee! I ALWAYS say these things... Ask me Dec. 15th what I have done! HA HA!!

Ok blogger is going down in 3 minutes so they say.. I gotta post this.. Hope your day is GREAT! Thanks for stopping by!!!


  1. I LOVE IT ALL!!!! You have been baking up a storm, your salsa looks so delish. Our tomatoes are finally ripening, I can't wait for fresh salsa!! I am so excited about your cupcakes, they look fab. I have to find some time to try these. Thanks for sharing, Beth!!!!!

  2. yummy YUMMY and beautiful gift box!! you go girl on all that baking and canning too cool.TFS

  3. WOW! You've been busy! I love the little jars of jam and salsa! Sounds YUMMY!

  4. Dude...you have been a scrapping machine! Okay, what DON'T you do? You bake, cook, crafts, keep a clean house, exercise all the time, and your kids are perfect!! What is your secret, girl...I NEED to know! haha!! Love ya!


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