Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Photos to share!

Just wanted to share some photos from Moms day!!! The flower photos are from my flowers Steve had sent to me wed, thur. and friday! :) he is so SWEET!!! I got 2 CDs I wanted, and a NEW Webkinz! So my kitty wasnt lonely! LOL! THANKS for a great day guys! LOVE YOU ALL!!! XOXOXOXOXO!!!

So lets see on the home front we are on the count down to SUMMER VACATION! YEAH! one month and 3 days! Now if only the weather would get a bit better! They say by thur. I hope so! I am ready to MOVE to the sun if it doesnt come out soon!!! Steve is busy as always at work! Me the usual BEHIND on things! and Busy still!! I PROMISE I am going to get Thank yous out this week for My birthday goodies! and Ms. Amandas! Tonite our Justin is signing up for football (TACKLE!) he is so EXCITED, and MOM IS NOT! :( How can my little boy be so grown up to play TACKLE football! he is really enjoying the flag football he is playing this spring! (will share photos soon!) so I am sure he will love this... it is gonna take LOTS of dedication and hard work! Practice every day in Aug. M-F! and then when school starts 3 nights a week! OH my!!! Amanda is gonna play soccer but we havent heard about sign ups yet! Gonna be a busy fall sport time in the Johnson house! (YEAH lots of photos for Mom! :) )

Hoping to maybe sneak in some scrap time! I need to work upstairs on cleaning and clearing stuff OUT! but I feel the NEED to be in my messy space and create! LOL!!!

Hope your having a GREAT week! Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. Happy Mother's Day!! You are the best Mommy. Your kids are super cute!! I still need to take pictures with my kids..LOL!

  2. Beautiful pics of you and your babies, Beth!! Looks like you had a great day...3 days of flowers! Steve did GOOD! LOL!!! Miss you and hope to chat with you soon!

  3. I love your photos and flowers! I haven't scrapped for ages... maybe we can both get back into it together, LOL!


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