Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Favs! :)

Happy FRIDAY!!! This week went soooo fast.. we were so busy.. and sadly it doesnt end until school starts.. Sept. 9th...then we slow down! :) I THINK!!!

Here are my favs for the week!!!

#1- HEARING these words.. Mom will you take our picture.. HELLOOOO YES I WILL! :)

#2- A NEW recipe! (found HERE) Blueberry Crisp! YUM! I used all blueberries.. but think it would be just as good with all THREE berries! :)

#3- LUNCH out with Justin! We went to Chucks Seafood Grotto.. we love going there and sitting out in the sunshine!!! :)

#4- PHOTOS while walking around Snohomish.. after that lunch with Justin! We had a GREAT afternoon.. pretended to be tourist.. I snapped LOTS of photos.. looked in the cute little stores.. good times! :)

#5- INSPIRATION! This week is from PTI blog group member Cheryl! (Happy Anniversary!)
I LOVE how on THIS card she used punches instead of buttons... here is my card!

and I PROMISE to make a DIFFERENT style card next week! HA HA! I seem to be stuck on this style...least they are all different! LOL!!!

Tomorrow we are going for a little boating trip.. I can hardly wait!! Good Times!!
Hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend!
THANKS for stopping by.. .the treadmill calls...sadly.. I am trying to IGNORE IT! :)


  1. Love the card! :) THe punches with the dp came out perfectly and it matches so well with the hot air balloons! :) LOVE it! And blueberry crisp sounds sooo good!

  2. ACK! What a great idea to use patterned paper with the punches! Now you've inspired me...Thanks for the shout out.

  3. I love your favs today Beth!! That fourth photo is just fantastic, I love the bridge in the distance. And when I come visit you HAVE to make that blueberry crisp, YUM!!! have a fabulous weekend!!!

  4. You and your family have the best adventures.

  5. Oh I love this style card so you can definitely carry one with 'em! LOL!
    Lovely pics of your week - I really love the pic of the flowers, you've got me inspired for a card with that one!

  6. Fabulous card! and your blueberry crisp looks so yummy!

  7. Love your card!! And your kids are so cute! Hugs from Morocco!

  8. Great shares this week Beth! How fun it is to spend time one on one with the kids... how nice that Justin will shop with you! The photo of the bridget is great! and I love the card too!
    I hope you and your family have a GREAT weekend!

  9. Hi Beth,

    What a fun week you have all had!
    Hope the weekend is as much fun :)

    Kisses for my ANGELS!!


  10. Oh, that patterned paper is perfect for hor air balloons. Lovely card.

  11. Hey Beth, left you a blog award on my blog a few posts down, come and pick it up when you have time.


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