Thursday, August 13, 2009

Blog Awards (and passing them on!)

I want to say a BIG BIG THANKS to my blog buddies that have given me 2 awards recently (now I need to know how to put them in my side bar.. anyone know how??!!) Ok on with the SHOW!!!

Now I LOVE to get these.. and LOVE to pass them on.. I always want to give them to EVERYONE .. dont like picking just a few... so what I decided to do for these 2 awards is pass them along to my PTI blog group! I ADORE these girls.. they are so INSPIRING! (I have a PLAN as to share how much next week! :) have I made you curious.. you gotta come back to see what I mean! LOL!) so all my other blog buddies KNOW I LOVE YOUR BLOGS too!!!

here we go.. Leah gave me this one... THANKS Leah!! :)

I am going to pass this along to...








and the Lee! :) gave me this one!! THANKS Lee!! :)

and I this one I have to say 5 things I want to do..

#1. Keep up on my healthy eating!

#2. Hit GOAL before the end of the year.. :)

#3. Use the supplies I BUY!

#4. Not WORRY about the little things so much!

#5. ENJOY everyday!!

and I want to pass this along to the rest of our little group!





CHERYL- I LOVE her blog title! LOL!! I agree....

A big THANKS for my awards.. I so ENJOY our blog group! You girls ALWAYS INSPIRE!!!

Now I am off to the store.. then some cleaning and HOPEFULLY posting on ebay today (if not tomorrow for sure!!) PTI release tomorrow midnite! I gotta SHOP!!! (no worries I will be up late.. it is 9pm my time! LOL!!!) I want soooooo MUCH this release.. oh my!! :)

THANKS for stopping by! Have a GREAT thursday!


  1. Heh, aren't you well loved! :) Thanks for the fun award! Will try to get to it this weekend when I'm home again!

  2. You are so sweet:) Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve;)

  3. Beth,
    No surprise that everyone loves you.
    Your Momma loves you BEST!!
    MOM :)

  4. Thanks Bethie J. I added the award badge to my blog.

  5. Thanks for the award, Beth!!!! I do love our PTI group, they are the best!!

    Hope you're having a great weekend!

  6. Beth, the PTI group is fantastic!
    And blog awards are fun, aren't they?

    What did you buy??? I am posting after release night obviously . . . I have my shipping notice! Doing the happy dance that it might come Tuesday? I hope, I hope. So, what did you buy?

  7. Thanks for the award Beth, you really are so sweet and I'm enjoying getting to know all of our group!


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