Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Favs!

Happy FRIDAY!!! So cant believe another weekend is upon us.. this week we were sooo BUSY.. and it still isnt done! :) Have another FUN FULL weekend! :)

Gonna do a fast friday favs.. then get back to my cleaning! I had NO time to create this week.. sigh.. but next week is open.. so I HOPE to get a few things done.. then I get to CLEAN again.. my auntie and cousin are coming up! YEAH! :)

Ok here we go! Friday Favs...

#1.. FAMILY!! Last weekend was spent having some family FUN! :)

#2- Blast from the PAST.. oh my!! Steves uncle (who we saw last saturday!) sent me these from the last time we got to visit with them in 2000.. SIGH... looky my Justin and Amanda....

#3 BLUEBERRIES!! Yum-O.. the kiddos and I picked 11.9 pounds the other day.. so cant WAIT for the cobbler this weekend! :)

#4- INSPIRATION!! So I LOVE being in our PTI blog group.. the girls ALWAYS I have decided to take one or 2 posts each week to share with YOU how they inspired me! I am going in alphabetical order.. so up first Belinda! Her cards are always BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE on THIS card how she used the black paper.. I never seem to do this.. and I think it looks LOVELY!! Here is my take on using black! :)

I LOVE that PP on the background.. I bought it at Jo-Anns.. it is so PRETTY.. has a slight shimmer to it.> I believe it is called Luxe.. I got the 4 X 6 pad.. LOVE those!

#5- THIS note on my UPS page! YIPPPEEE new PTI coming TODAY! :)

THANKS for stopping by! I have a CONFESSION! :) I redid the second card I shared in the post yesterday!! I will share it next week... I wanted the text to be darker... and I added a swirl.. Oh heck.. I will share it now.. what do you think.. I dont know.. good news I can always REDO it! LOL!! that is the BEST part of paper crafts.. I still have the supplies to make another one! :)

I used my clear embossing powder on the polka dots on this card.. I LOVE that look.. alot of the PTI girls have been doing it.. so I had to do it too! HA HA!
Ok I said this was gonna be quick didnt I! :) I am off.. cleaning awaits!
Have a WONDERFUL weekend!
THANKS for stopping by!


  1. Awwww! I'm so touched! This post just made my day! Love your card with the black! The white swirl on the text of your second card is pretty too! And looks like you had a great weekend last week! :)

  2. Love reading your Friday Faves! Also love your screen shot of out for delivery. My package came today too as well as the rest of the stuff I needed to practice airbrushing. I have a pile of stuff on my craft table waiting to be played with.

  3. Great stuff Bethie! I hope you have a great weekend. Are Nancy and Molly coming up? We are having date night tomorrow!!! My mom is coming down to watch Allyson for us and we are heading off to Portland with Gregg and Theresa to help celebrate Chelsie's Birthday. Should be much fun! Today Allyson and I went swimming at a pool in Vancouver, she had so much fun! Finally a good day after several ruff ones!
    Have a good weekend!

  4. I always like reading your Friday favs. Nice that you had great time with family. Hope you have a good weekend this weekend too. My delivery came! Always exciting, isn't it?

  5. I love how the redo on the card came out! I always use black. It makes a project sparkle! Great photo shares.
    Have a fun weekend!

  6. GREAT Friday favorites!!! I love the pics of your family, looks like you are having a nice cold drink on the beach. YUM!!! And I so agree about Belinda, she makes the best cards. Such inspiration!

    Have a GREAT weekend, Beth!!!

  7. BTW I forgot to say I think it's hilarious you take a photo of your UPS tracking on the computer!!! Something I would totally do and get a big EYE ROLL from my family!!! Hee hee! Hope your order has already arrived!


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