Sunday, November 04, 2007

My NEW Purse!

I bought a Memory Purse last week, I KNEW exactly what photos I wanted to put in it!! :) I just love the photos I took last week of the kiddos ~ so I used those! I figure it would make a GREAT fall purse!

For side one I just enlarged the photo of the kiddos! I altered it a bit here I softened the photo, and added a yellowish tint frame around it! I got it printed, added some black paint for the border, the word love, and presto all done! Side 2, I used more photos from the same day, a little stitching, black rub on, flower and some bling..stamp the bottom, and I was DONE! I so love it! Amanda stole it from me last night, and carried it around!
I have VISIONS of Xmas all in my head already for this purse!! :)
and YEAH happy News they want to put it on their webpage! I am so EXCITED! :)

As long as I am here I am going to post my 10 things in 10 years for a blog challenge at 2scrappychix

10 Goals in 10 years.....

#1-Be Healthy!
#2- Continue my daily workouts!
#3- Be ALL caught up on my photos! (DREAMS are free right!)
#4- Go back to Hawaii!
#5- Raise 2 GREAT kids,
#6- In 10 years be STRONG enough to let those GREAT kids fly on their own!
#8- I am leaving 8,9, open! For future goals!
#10- Be living my dreams! :)

The blog challenge this week is to share your best of days... well I hope to scrap that so I will share that this week!
Have a GREAT day!!! Thanks for stopping by!

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Thanks for stopping by! Have a GREAT day!!
Happy Holidays!!!