Sunday, November 18, 2007

Justins 11th Birthday Party!

The BIG birtday party! :) Was ALOT of fun!!! I still cant believe he will be 11! it doesnt seem possible!!!

So for his party he wanted carrot cake for the birthday cake~ so I made my very first one! It was pretty good~ he was happy and thats what counts!!!
All his friends but 2 were able to join us! He got LOTS of fun things! As I type he is working on a lego set from Tutu! He has 3 or 4 more to go he got, he is gonna be BUSY today!

Just wanted to share some photos I got! (or my friend Deanna got~ our family photo! Thanks Nana!)

So later after the party my mom looked at my machine... STILL no light but it works! HUH! I thought that black switch for the light was also power... so when you click it on for the light it wont sew, BUT if you click it off, it sews, minus the light, I had NO idea! My friend Joni mentioned it should work I was like it doesnt, BUT I was always clicking the switch! SO I am a HAPPY GIRL! I can still stitch~ I will just need to put a flash light by the project! :) My new thing I have learned for the day, the light switch on the sewing machine is NOT on and off also~ it is just a light! YEAH!!!!!

Hope you have a GREAT day! Steve and I are Xmas shoppen ~ Tutu is watching the kiddos! YEAH!! I cant wait!
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  2. Great photos! Your family looks so nice! Great job on the cake too!

  3. GREAT family photo, Beth! The cake turned out yum-o, Justin looks so happy!!

    I hope you are getting lots of shopping accomplished today. See you on the boards! :-)


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