Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Well it is official I am the mama to a TEENAGER.... :( I am not ready.. but HE IS!! :) I cant believe how FAST the 13 years have come and gone.. I feel like all I did was blink.. and they came and went!!

I am a LUCKY mom.. he is a GREAT kid.. I am so PROUD of him.. :) I wont get mushy.. I will cry! :) I LOVE YOU PEANUT!!! HAPPY 13th BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Birthday Boy and Gifts-

Yeah we are the BEST PARENTS EVER he said when he got his phone.. I give that about 2 hours and it will change!! :)

His FIRST phone call~

it was from.....DAD! :)

Well I am off to have a FUN day with the birthday boy! The kids each get to skip school on their day and spend it with ME! :) Lunch, shopping.. getting their choice of dinner stuff! :) Good times!!!!

Have a GREAT day.... I will be BACK tomorrow for PTIS blog hop! :)
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  1. I think Justin and my Jared (who turns 13 in March) would be great friends. Hooray for 7th graders! Have fun!

  2. Another milestone in the life of our precious boy - PLEASE don't let him grow up so fast. His sister is trying to out pace him as well :(

    GOOD JOB Mom & Dad on raising such wonderful children!!!



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