Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Treat boxes, a LO, and some Food!!

Happy Tuesday!! I have a few things to share with ya today!! First off before I FORGET!! THANKS for all the sweet comments to my Amanda in the posts earlier last week.. you totally made her day! (and mine!) so THANKS!!!

Ok on with the shares... You all KNOW I am ADDICTED to PTI and the FABULOUS templates that Lauren designs... sigh.... so FUN! anyway.. here are 2 I whipped up on sunday.. Now I LOVE the bow on the bag style one.. guess what.. I didnt FILL it.. so now I have to undo my perfect bow.. think it will EVER go back that way! LOL! Probably not! BUT I have the photo to remember!! Both of these are the MINI version of the template.. that circle on the bag style is about 2 inches.. so you can get a sense of its size!

Next up I have a LO!! SHOCKING I know!! 3 in a month! LOL! this one is for my Amandas book.. she has THREE now.. I hope it hit TEN before she is 10! LOL! This was for 2 challenges at 2 different sites.. I LOVE being able to combine them! Need to do this more! HA!

and FINALLY!!! I made THESE up for bunco last friday.. (we didnt play but still had FUN!!) they were YUMMY!!! I added nuts to the top of mine.. we are NUTTY here so I add them to everything! :)

Those little guys were soooo GOOD! I am gonna try THESE this weekend! YUM!

That is all I have today!! I need to get some stuff done around here.. visit blogs! Then meeting a friend for late lunch, and a playdate when the kiddos get out of school.. EXPECTING my NEW PTI this week! YEAH!!! cant wait to play!!

have a GREAT day~! THANKS for stopping by!


  1. YUMMY! All of this is eye candy! I love those treat boxes. Thanks for the inspiration for the new PTI template gift bag! You did an amazing job with both of these! Your LO is so soft & feminine looking & the treats look scrumptious! I too am looking forward to the Man in brown coming to my front door! :) What was your must have? Have a wonderful day! :)

  2. Your treat boxes are fantastic! I love that Autumn Blessings paper so much - great job!

  3. Ya know I LOVE PTI too! My box came yesterday, hehehe... just love happy mail! It's starting to feel like Christmas. I got the Christmas button stamps and a pack of the snow PP. I'm hoping to have some time to play with them this week.
    I really like how your boxes came out! And that a GREAT layout!
    We met for bunco last week too (and didn't play, lol!). It was just great getting together, laughing, chatting, and stuffing our faces, hehehe...

  4. Hi! I LOVE your boxes...great work! I enjoyed your family pics and the recipes! I have added that and your blog to my favorites! ~barb

  5. Your treat boxes are amazing! LOVE them!

  6. Love the totes/treat boxes, especially the one with the Autumn blessings paper. The LO is SUPER ADORABLE! And the dessert- oh my- I might have to whip some of them up real soon! Your blog is going into my faves!!

  7. I love all of these! That page with your daughter is especially beautiful. I love the border around the picture. And here's my idea...Those treat boxes should hold the nutty deliciousness just right for mailing. My address is 14535...Oh, sorry. Got carried away :)

  8. Everything looks wonderful!!

  9. These are gorgeous, I especially love the tote! I bought that template, really should start playing with it while I wait the *eternity* it's taking for my PTI orders to arrive!!

  10. The treat boxes look so awesome! :) And will you be my neighbor? Those pics are so yummy looking!

  11. OMG your boxes totally rock! I love the colours and your perfect bow ;D At least you've got the photographic evidence if you can't tie it back to make it look that perfect LOL!
    Have a super day!

  12. I LOOOOOOVE the treat boxes!!!!! And you know if I could be there, I would have eaten about 5 of those cheesecakes. They look great and I love the nut addition. I'm a bit of a nut myself, LOL! And I crack myself up...:-)

  13. Nice job on the boxes. The layout of your daughter and her AG doll came out great. Your treats look yummy too. Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog as well.

  14. wowza..what a gorgeous lo..lovin all that bling..and how you did the framing..beautifully done! and what yummy boxes chickie! what an inspiration!

  15. Bethie,

    The boxes are ADORABLE!! The sweets look yummy! What a fun, creative, day you have had!!!
    The Amanda and Marie card is toooo cute.

    LOVE it all :)



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