Saturday, October 31, 2009

Friday Favs... on a Saturday! :)


Thought I would share some friday favorites .. on saturday.. hmmm does that make them Saturday Favorites! :) hee hee!!

This week my favorites are all about PUMPKIN!!! how could they not be on Halloween!! I have 10 photos to share! THANKS if you make it through them all!! :)

#1 Pumpkins on our porch! :)

#2 Pumpkin Pancakes :) Breakfast EVERY Halloween morning!! or in this years case.. BRUNCH after soccer!! :)

#3 Pumpkin Seeds!

#4 NEW recipes for pumpkin shared by Mara!... Candy Corn Bark.. YUMMY! so good!

#5 Chocolate Pumpkin Brownie... I added caramel to the top.. and let my pumpkin spice kiss melt a bit.. then swirled them together.. ALSO added nuts! (you know we are NUTTY! HA!)

#6 BOO Goodies for friends in a pumpkin bucket! :).. Some of the goodies the kiddos and I made Ideas found HERE!

#7 Treats for Penpals... used my cricut to make the boxes.. the kiddos decorated the top with foam pumpkins and each made Halloween cards! :) (I HOPE they arrived today!)

#8 Halloween Treats for teacher! (it was STRANGE not sending anything with Justin.. he said maybe the end of the year he will take in something! :) )

#9 Halloween Treat Bag I made up for Papa and Dede! I used Laurens Around Town Template

#10 and LAST but not LEAST!! Its the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.. OH I LOVE this movie.. got to watch it last night.. FINALLY! :)

THANKS for stopping by! I hope you have a HAPPY (and SAFE!) HALLOWEEN!! I will be BACK with photos!!! :)


  1. You are so cute Beth! I love all your Halloween treats and creations!

  2. How fun! What memories you're
    creating for your kiddos! Great job, Beth!

  3. I love love love the pumpkin theme!! Thank you so much for the awesome package yesterday, we were so excited. I love the peppermint patty pumpkins and spiders. They were awesome! Hope you had a great Halloween yesterday!!! xoxoxo-

  4. My youngest and I watched the Great Pumpkin the night before Halloween, her first time seeing it. Great post, loved the pumpkin theme and I am scratching my computer screen trying to get at one of those brownies! (How come it isn't working? :))

  5. Love the halloween goodies you made! :)

  6. Beth! You've had a creative week! I love the yummy looking goodies! I hope you and your family had a fun Halloween! I look forward to seeing your photos!

  7. Your creations are wonderful and all the yummy treats make me hungry! LOL!

  8. You have been a busy girl! I love the Great Pumpkin movie!

  9. Wow! What great stuff you're sharing! All those goodies look fantastic!

  10. oh man..those pumpkin pancakes look so yummy ~ and all those goodies..yummy!

    i love seeing all your creations and projects chickie ~ your so creative! awesome work


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