Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday FAVS! a Question! and a WARNING! :)

Happy FRIDAY!!! Dont ya just LOVE them.. I sure do! :)

First off I want to say THANK YOU so much for ALL your sweet comments you wrote about Amandas (and mine!) cards below... it totally made our day!! I have such GREAT blog friends! THANK YOU!!!

Oh and a WARNING! I am gonna be LONG winded today! AND post TWICE! all you PTI fans know why.. BLOG HOP TONITE! YEAH!! :) Ok on with friday favs.. I have 6 today.. because .. well I just had that many favs today! :)

#1.. 15 YEARS of being married to this GREAT GUY!! Sept. 10th was our big day.. and I am LATE on posting it.. but I havent done FAVS in that long... and he is a FAV! :) THANKS Freddy! (his name is really Steve in case you didnt know that!... but you gotta share nicknames! HA HA!)

#2..CONCERTS and GREAT seats at them! :) We snuck away a couple weeks ago to Vegas/Laughlin for our anniversary and saw Gary Allen in concert.. it was so HOT.. the weather! (100+) and the concert! HA HA! :) Steve said it seems like forever since we were there.. can we go back.. UH YEAH!! I can book a flight right now! HA HA!!!

#3..DIGI STAMPS!! Oh my.. I LOVE my stamp stamps.. but I also LOVE my digi stamps! I bought some fun images from All That Scraps I wanted to do THIS fun idea from the VERY TALENTED Lauren (dont even get me started on her AMAZING work.. peek at her blog if you havent before.. AMAZING!) Ok on with it!! Here is my image

and AFTER Not to bad for my first time at making a sidewalk!.. I dont think! :) Now to make her into a card! :)

STILL WITH ME! :)- I WARNED you.. long post! LOL!
#4- SPICA PENS! Oh my.. I used them on the above image.. can you SEE them.. it is hard to show up in photos.. but they are just FABULOUS! Add just the right amount of SPARKLE!

I am gonna share TWO links for them..
Merrie Artist.. I buy my copics from GREAT prices GREAT customer service! FAST shipping! :)
Ellen Hutson- a bit more.. but she has OTHER things that can get a girl in trouble.. like stamps, scrappy stuff.. you know.. that stuff! GREAT customer service, FAST shipping too!

#5.. Hershey Kisses.. PUMPKIN SPICE! OH MY! YUMMY!! Mara shared THIS with me! SOOO making it.. and the recipe on the back of the package Pumpkin Spice Swirl Cheesecake.. YUM! and another WARNING.. if you visit that FABULOUS blog.. be ready to GAIN 10 pounds reading! HA HA! Yeah I warned ya! :)

#6.. INSPIRATION!! This weeks friday fav inspiration comes from PTI BLOG group girl DANA! I LOVE her color combo HERE here is my take on it.. a thank you for my mom for watching the kiddos so we could get away.. :)

OK FINALLY the QUESTION... WHAT will I be doing with THIS??

You gotta come back TONITE.. for the PTI BLOG HOP.. to SEE! :) As of NOW I have only this! But I plan to CREATE all afternoon!!

THANK YOU if you made it this far!!! Have a WONDERFUL weekend!!! and as always
THANKS for stopping by... I will be back tonite for the HOP!!


  1. I love your Friday favs!!! You thank you card is fantastic, I love the colors and the bling swirl. AND I MUST get some of those pens, THANKS for sharing the link again!!

    Have a fantastic weekend, my friend!!

  2. Oh my word! Looks fabulous! You did an amazing job on it :D Happy you found the vid helpful :D

  3. What a GREAT Friday-5!
    I was going to do mine today, but I had to work late and it's too dark for photos... {sigh} it'll have to wait until tomorrow.

  4. I looked at this earlier. Very nice, I'm just learning to use copics. They take a bit of getting used to. Your a natural!

  5. Your sidewalk is awesome! You did an excellent job. Enjoyed your card, too. Happy Friday!

  6. Excellent sidewalk. I was wishing you had posted the link. I remember seeing it but I want to try it with some of my sugarnelly stamps. Darling.

  7. I was happily reading your friday faves with glee and LO AND BEHOLD, there's MY name! I'm honored and thrilled to be the inspiration for your gorgeous card rock.

  8. Bethie,

    It's always fun to read your Friday favs. Of course your wonderful husband is MY favorite son-in-law and my butterfly thank you card is one of my favs and will go in my treasure box of favorite cards after I have finished displaying it on my picture shrine :)


  9. Love the fun Friday faves!

  10. Hi bethie! Love your faves! Great wedding pic. Love seeing happily married couples! Love your coloring on the sidewalk pic. Love your blog hop entry too. I was so sad I didnt get to play this time around! I totally agree with you about MerriArtist. MerriArtist is awesome! I have also shopped Ellen Hutson, I got all my dew drops there! Have a great week!


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