Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Back to School!!!

Today was the kiddos first day of school... finally! It seems like so many of my friends online have had their kids in school a month already! LOL!!

Justin headed off to 7th grade today.. boo.. officially middle school! I was TOLD.. hugs and kisses were to be given out at home.. and I couldnt sit in the front seat on the way to his bus stop.. and NO photos at the bus stop.. well SOME of that I did.. I was able to sneak a photo or 2 from the car.. hee hee!! :) I am sad.. but SOOO EXCITED to see him grow and make his dreams come true... just as long as he will always HUG me.. even if it is in the house where no one can see! :)

Some Justin photos to share! :)

I cant WAIT to hear about his day!!! :)

About an hour and a half later! :) We took Amanda to school... sigh.. she looked so cute.. and way to GROWN UP to me! LOL!! she wanted her hair braided last night so it would be all CUTE today.. I think this is gonna be a trend she likes to do.. least it is fast and easy! :)

She let us walk her in.. give her hugs.. but then waved us out the door! HA HA!!
Here are some photos of Amanda ....

So cant wait to hear about her BIG day too... she had a few friends in class and was so HAPPY about that...

Now what shall I do.... Steve took today off too.. he is watching tv.. the sun is out.. I think I will walk.. and count down the hours til the kiddies are home! I miss them already! I am sure by next week.. I will be enjoying the ME time... but for now I miss them.. the house is to quiet..
Have a GREAT day ~ THANKS for stopping by!!


  1. Happy First day to your kiddos! Enjoy your free time!

  2. Hope they had a great first day!

  3. I hope to see more crafty things from you... haven't seen a layout for a while, hint, hint, hehehe...
    I hope your family had a great day!

  4. UNBELIEVABLE that our "babies" are so grown up :(


  5. Love the big, yellow bus. Only see it on the movies. LOL. We don't have that over here.


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