Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happy Saturday!!!

Some stuff to share! This was done for the super cute Sept. Kit at IBSS I just LOVED the colors in this one! I am working on a LO still and will share that as soon as I finish! It needs SOMETHING! But here are a few of the goodies I have made! The block was inspired by my friend Mara she made some and they were sooo CUTE! I am making them for the kids and one for me! and I have some for the grandparents too.. Must get busy! LOL! I got Amandas started and will put the photos on them tomorrow (hopefully!) The little fair mini book is for my grandma.. gotta get the fair photos in it, and ready to give to her next weekend!

ANYWAY! On with the show! LOL!

On the soccer front! Amanda is doing GREAT! today they won their first game! YIPPPEEE! and BIG NEWS... she scored her FIRST GOAL! I was so DARN excited! So was she!! Guess who DID NOT have her camera! SIGH! I will get one next time!! :)
All the girls did GREAT.. they looked like little pros! (Ok I could be biased! LOL!!) but all their stuff they did in practice was there today, it was FUN to watch!!!!

Justin is at a birthday party so it is just Amanda here .... she gets to pick where we go to dinner, and then we are gonna come home and have some Wii FUN!! They rented a couple new games... I gotta buy one of them.. .beach games! SO FUN! (and I havent even played yet! LOL!!)

Well I am off.. just wanted to check in.... Hope your weekend is GREAT! I will be back to give out my awards... I am so BEHIND! :)
Happy Weekend!


  1. Hi Bethie,

    Love your goodies. I can't believe you were without your camera!!! Tell Miss Amanda congrats on her big goal for me! We are getting things done around the house this weekend. Larry is busy trying to finish building our entertainment center, he is almost done. I have decided to carry the new paint color into the kitchen and actually getting some scrappin done. I will share with you later!


  2. I saw Mara's blocks! They were so cute. I adore yours too, Beth! Congrats to Amanda on her first goal. My kids' first goals of the season are always events to celebrate... but a first goat ever!!! Triple the celebration!! YAHOO!!!

  3. Your projects are gorgeous Beth!! Your blocks turned out so well, I do love the wings!! And congrats to Amanda!!! First goal is awesome. Tell her to keep up the good work.

  4. Such beautiful stuff to share Beth! I love those wings!! I also love the little "Boo" that you made for the challenge over at M2R!


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