Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Us!! :)

I cant believe 14 years have come and gone so quickly!! They need to slow down a bit! PLEASE!


and Now! 14 years, 2 GREAT kids later!!! :) Love you guys!!!!

Lets see other Johnson news! Amanda had her 1st soccer game! They didnt win but she had FUN!! She played position #1 (which was a forward way back WAY BACK when I played! LOL!! ) and Goalie.. Oh my.. I never liked that position at all PRESSURE! She didnt like it either! BUT she stopped a couple balls.. we wont talk about the ones that got by! HA HA!!!
Here is a little slide show of her first game and pictures last night.. she wanted to pose for me like she was kicking um sorta looks like she lost her leg! LOL!!! Dad pointed that out for her! :)

I LOVE her face in the photo where she has just kicked the ball! so cute! She ALMOST got a goal too! Maybe next game!!! :)

My good friend Mara picked ME to get a blog award! THANKS Mara... now I get to pass that on to 7 people... Hmmm that is gonna make me think.. I LOVE so many blogs! and that Mara picked 3 I would have for sure picked!!! :) So I am gonna think about it , and update tomorrow or friday with my picks.. and some stuff I am working on!!

Off to the grocery store! gonna BBQ steaks for dinner! YUM! and have these with it, I made them the other night (sorry no photo! I will try tonite!) they were sooo GOOD! so Justin and Steve will get them with their Steak! :) I will just watch! LOL!! Diet wise I am watching my potato intake at 7pm! :) besides I am having some WINE.. so dont feel to bad for me missing the tato's! :)
Thanks for stopping by!!! Have a GREAT rest of your week!


  1. First of all HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!! I hope you had a great day!

    And I love the soccer pics! The one of Amanda kicking the ball is so nice. And she kicks quite well considering she is missing a leg. LOL!! And you should consider starting the cute hair bow tradition up there in Washington.

    Now, on to the crashed potatoes. They look SO yummy! I am definitely trying those!

  2. HAPPY LATE anniversary to you and sweet dh steve!!!
    awesome pics of amanda! happy she had fun she so freakin cute!!!congrats on the blog award that too cool.tfs

  3. beth i did the potatoe twice with steak too!!!YUMMY my family went crazy for these too

  4. Happy Anniversary, Beth!!!! Congrats on 14 years!

    ... and welcome to the world of the soccer mom! You got some great photos! TFS your soccer photos with me!

  5. Happy Happy Happy {belated} ANNIVERSARY!!! I'm so happy for you two. You are such a sweet person, Beth, you have amazing kids, and although I've never met Steve, I bet is he a winner and keeper!! CONGRATS!!

    Amanda looks super cute in her soccer outfit..WTG, Amanda!!


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