Sunday, January 06, 2008

Happy 2008!!!

Happy New Year (again!) I am finally going to give a little sneak peek at what I have been up to the last few weeks! :) and some of or decorations around the house! My friend Joni issued us a challenge at 2SCD's to get blogging again so here it COMES a big catch up!

1st lets do Marys challenge from Dec. 16th at 2SCD's
Favorite Decorations! WELL I can never pick just 1 or 2~ LOL! I took photos of almost everything, dont worry I wont FORCE you to see them all~ you can just come over next year for some Holiday Cheer and see them yourself! LOL!!! I did pick a few in the slide show below! :) I LOVE snowmen!! :) and Santas, photo frames! :) Our village this year had to be put in 4 places, it has grown so much over the years!
Ok enough here is the slide show!

Ok sorry I still shared alot!! I just LOVE the holidays! and LOVE all my stuff!! I have had some of it for ALONG time and it still holds a special place in our home!

Ok now here is some of the things that we did over the holidays! I got TOTALLY addicted to the ornaments! I had to make myself STOP doing them! LOL!! The button trees were all over this year in blogs! and the boxes I found while looking at links of links off my friens blogs! So we made them too! I have VISIONS of valentine boxes now dancing in my head! :) I have been doing LOTS of scrappen the last couple days BUT I will save that for you until another post!

I had BIG plans for all of us to make button trees this year, WELL it took all 4 of us about 40 minutes to do that ONE! so maybe next year I will start in July and get more done! :) The ornaments were so fast and easy we LOVED doing them!! Now everyone in the family can make the boxes! When Steve got home from work Amanda had to have him sit down and learn! LOL!! Of course we made our cookies and candies too! It was a GREAT holiday season, and we have now ALMOST got the house back in order! Hopefully today! We have SNOW ` I dont know if the kids will help now! They will want to PLAY! SIGH!

Sorry for the BIG posts! I had lots to talk about, and I still have even more to share but I will save that!
I will end with 3 more friends sites.. they helped INSPIRE some of my craftiness this year! Mara she made some ornaments, and some of the boxes (which I FORGOT she shared with us, SORRY Mara! LOL!), Kate she made a button tree too!! and Linda she made some cute ornaments! and shared some YUMMY recipes which I have saved to make!! YUM!!

OK the kiddos want FOOD! If you have stayed with me this LONG! THANKS! and again a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thanks for stopping by!!!!


  1. I love your village Beth, plus all your handmade oranments and boxes. Looks like you had a fab holiday seaons! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love those photos. That village is super cute. And the ornaments as well.

    Hope your New Year has been great so far!

  3. I loved all your photos! I love snowmen as well, funny cuz we don't ever get snow!

    Thanks for sharing, I love checking out your blog, Beth!!!! xoxoxoxoxo-

  4. ss i miss this new entry beth it awesome love your decoration and all your homemade deco.tfs

  5. Hi! I made a button tree this year, too! I see you're in Snohomish! That's where my dad and his family live, I'll be there in May for my brother's wedding!! Small world...see you at Peek!!!


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