Monday, January 28, 2008

BRRRR another snowy day!

SNOW DAY HERE TODAY!! Oh the kids were so HAPPY to miss school, and have dad WORK from home!! (really he did work! he did take a snow break!- to sled and snowball fight! :) )

I of course had to have photos, I am DONE now, ready for SPRING! So if anyone is listening NO MORE SNOW!! (I dont think they are since it is snowing now and gonna snow all night they say!! LOL!!) As you can see from my models! they had a BLAST! See that one where Amanda is yee-hawing on Steves back, who is on top of Justin! :) I had to take it 4 times! Look how good they were for me! LOL!!! That is LOVE I tell ya, that and a BRIBE of hot choc! :)

Other then snow, all is well here! Steve and I had a DATE on saturday! YEAH went out to dinner, macaronni grill~ YUM!! and then to the casino!!! (THANKS TUTU for watching the kiddos!) Sunday we went to the new applebees that is about 3 miles from us, YUM! and today of course SNOW FUN!!!

Hope all is well with you, THANKS for stopping by!!!- I will be back HOPEFULLY tomorrow with some layout shares! I have had some SCRAP TIME! YEAH!!!
Think SPRING thoughts! :)

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  1. Those pics are just awesome!!! TFS! Hope that you join in the So You THink you can Scrap contest at IBSS. You are wicked talented girlie!


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