Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Share!

Happy FRIDAY! Oh my I am EXCITED for the weekend! My week just flew by! LOTS to do.. so I could have used an extra day or 2 this week! LOL!!

Gonna get right down to biz. today! :) Did you see Melissa post.. TODAY! Be still my really starting to LOVE VINTAGE HEART!! :) Well I HAD to do some shopping from the link she shared..
Made by Janet. I got the 6 item special.. what a sweetheart she is.. she got them right to me this AM.. and I printed up 4 of the 6 sheets.. I just ADORE them! So this AM.. I whipped these up for my Grandmas Easter Treat.. I needed a little tag for the basket... this I think was perfect...
All I had to do was cut, ink, and add the ribbon and rose.. FUN FAST and EASY! I think my grandma will LOVE that sweet egg! :)

Next up is not a creative share.. crafty but not creative.. I am TRYING to get my craft room in order.. those that know me and have seen it are probably LOLing right now! It is BAD! I need to PURGE, ORGANIZE, and STOP SHOPPING! (that wont happen.. but a HUBBY can dream! HA HA!) anyway.. I used my birthday gift cards from Michaels.. and got some of those GREAT cube organizer things.. all my PTI will be in the 4 drawer one.. then I got this style with 1 drawer and 16 compartments in it.. and a shelf.. WELL I decided to use it for my PTI dies.. I LOVE it.. there is room for LOTS of growth! :) AND room to cut some dies and just have them ready.. I laid my long dies and impression plates on top of the empty cubes.. with them empty it works fine.. I LOVE them all in one spot.. the drawer comes right out so I can have them all near me! :)
I really like how Nicole had hers shared HERE.. BUT I am REALLY working on using what I have.. and so I did them up like this! The labels I just printed from the file share Nicole posted!

So I am SWAMPED today.. tomorrow we celebrate my sweet girls birthday(her official day is 22nd.. but cant party Easter Weekend..well we could.. but arent! LOL!).. I have LOTS to get done! Hope you all have a FANTASTIC weekend! THANKS for stopping by!


  1. Great tag, your grandma will love it! I've already added that seller to my Etsy favs so I can look over her stuff more when I have time.

    It feels so great to get a storage system that works! Have fun!

  2. That is a gorgeous tag! Look at all those dies. *Swoon*

    My daughter's birthday is tomorrow so we'll be partying this weekend too.

  3. that easter tag is just about the sweetest thing i have ever seen. i love it.
    and, do you think those little organizers could work on an entire house?

  4. Wow the Easter tags are extra swoon worthy!!

  5. Your Easter tag is beautiful! I checked out just the first page of the Etsy shop, I could be in so much trouble lol! Love your die organization too! Hope your girlie has tons of fun this weekend!

  6. Love the tag! Looks like a great solution for storing your dies. Hope the party is lots of fun!

  7. The tag is so cute, perfect for your grandma's basket!! And look at all those dies. Now that they are organized, I want to come over and play!! LOL!!

  8. BethieJ I saw the same post the other day and just loved it..I'm glad to hear someone else ordered the prints! I love your tag it is very vintage and sweet! Like your organization!

  9. Thanks for sharing your new crafty storage! It looks like you've got it all filled... I think you need another so you can get more PTI! :)

  10. That tag is gorgeous. Also great die storage. I think I need to rethink mine.


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