Sunday, October 03, 2010

AG Doll Halloween Party!

Happy Sunday!! I cant believe a week has come and gone with no posting! all I can say is I was BUSY BUSY getting ready for the little AG Doll Halloween Party Amanda wanted to have here with some friends.. SO that was on friday but we were getting ready all week for it.. doing something each night so we got it all done!

We had a GREAT time.. painted pumpkins, made bracelets for the girls and the dolls, ate, laughed and the girls all played in Amandas room over an hour.. and not a PEEP was heard! :)

I have LOTS of photos to share.. so get cozy and a big THANKS if you make it all the way through!

This is Alex! :) Amandas new AG.. she got her so she could have the new innerstar U account on the AG site.. so she was the girl of choice for the party today!!
The Girls and their AGs! :)

Amanda made ALOT of fun clay creations for the girls.. they got to take them all home with them!!
Here is a comparison to the real size food! :)

She and I made the kisses.. I printed out the TINY wording in word.. printed it at a size 5.. covered the clay kisses with foil and presto AG doll kisses! :)
We made these pumpkin tortilla chips! :)

All the marshmallow pumpkins! (for the girls!)
We also made plates/cups for the dolls to match the girls (or pretty close! )

Painting Pumpkins-
The little treat boxes we made up... using PTIs favor it die, stamps, foam cat.. .inside is some candy corn hand sanitizer and halloween silly bands (which are now band at school! HA!)

If you have made it this far THANK YOU! :) I am HOPING to scrap these photo soon.. I have a VISION!! :) It really was FUN.. I think all the girls had a GREAT time!! :)
Have a WONDERFUL day... I will be posting more this week! I have cards to share! :)
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  1. OH Bethie ......... I have one word for you ADORABLE!!!! What a cute party and all the girls with their dolls. I look forward to Emma and Ava having parties like this and of course Anton crashing them :) What a great idea and please how the heck did you make the pumpkin chips??

  2. What a fun party! I really like the things you and your daughter made for the party. When we were in NYC last year we wanted to buy AG dolls for our girls who stayed with my parents during our absence. We told them to check the AG site and pick their favorite doll, but they said they didn't want such a doll. When we got home we showed them the AG catalogue and they regretted that they said no to the dolls. I guess we have to go back to the US and buy one for them. ;-)

  3. WOW!! your girl is really talented!.she is good..everything looks great, I can imagin the girls felt "so special" in your house! and the favor it boxes are so adorable and perfect!

  4. So cute! What a fabulous party for the girls and their dolls! Man, when I was in elementary school, the first 3 dolls had just debuted (Molly, Kirsten and Samantha). Ahhh, I'm gonna stop dating myself.

  5. What a cute party! All the food and party favours look soooo good! I really like the little Favour box - I don't have that, but it does look tempting!!

  6. Very adorable Bethie and Miss Amanda! Looks like all the girls had a good time. What a fun creative idea! Beth I think your kids are lucky to have a mom like you!

  7. Looks like a lot of fun! Love everything you made. Tell Amanda she did a great job with the mini food. The treat bags are super cute too!

  8. This turned out great! Can't wait to show it to my dd tomorrow!

  9. Oh wow! Your AG party looks like so much fun! Those treats are amazing! Can I come next time?!

  10. Fun fun fun!!! Love all the cute food and clay creations you and Amanda made! I'm so glad the girls had a great time together, nothing like spending fun time with friends :)

  11. Could that be any cuter??? What fun Beth!! You are an incredibly creative mama!

  12. You are the most totally COOL, WONDERFUL Mom there is! What a FUN party, and BRILLIANT craftiness!

    I'll be back later to see those cards!

  13. What an amazing party!!! I love all the details and those pumpkin tortilla chips are AMAZING!!!!

  14. Wow Beth that was so creative! Amanda is going to be just like you :)

  15. Oh how fun Beth! Looks like the girls had a great time & I love all the little treats both food & paper! So creative! Hope you have a great day!

  16. man...i wanna come to one of your parties! HOW FUN! and what yummy those pumpkin tortilla chips! YOU RAWK CHICKIE!

  17. OMG... how did you do the tortilla chips!!!!! those are too cute!!!!!

    -- dalis


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