Saturday, September 08, 2007

Gary Allen Concert!


WOWY what a concert!! We are so gonna see him AGAIN! He puts on a GREAT show!

We got to our seats about 6pm... tickets said the show started at 6:30- we werent sure if that included the rodeo~ oh it did! That was fun to watch too~ LONG for the kids the concert started at 9:15pm! YIKES!
It was a bit loud for Amanda, but as you can see she did FALL ASLEEP during the show, so it must not have been to bad! :) Justin loved it! Stayed up and listened to it all!
I think they both had fun! I know I did! and FOR SURE he is a repeat concert for at least Steve and I! I couldnt get to ROWDY the kids were there! :) and one was asleep on my leg! The ONLY concert I have ever sat down for!!! LOL!!!

Today we are headed out on the boat! Cant WAIT! and what a BEAUTIFUL weekend it is!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a NICE weekend!!!!

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