Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Port Ludlow!

Port Ludlow ~ GETAWAY weekend!

We went to Port Ludlow on the boat last weekend and had a GREAT time!! We love going over there it is so peaceful! The kids played on the beach ALOT! and we hung out on the boat!

There was a wedding that night we arrived, so we sat on the back of the boat and listened to their reception music.. it was GOOD!! Made me want to dance! Which Amanda and I did! :)

Sunday I snuck over to where they still had the chairs set up and got that cute photo of the kids in the chairs over looking the Marina!!!

Just wanted to share some photos! Probably wont have any scrappen time til after vacation!

So here are some photos from the trip!

Relaxing on the boat (see Steve behind the kids!)

On the beach photos!

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